Shudder to Think, Back to Befuddle

As usual, Shudder to Think seems to be befuddling most people in the audience. Especially the groups of teenagers who are showing up to stake out a prime spot for the upcoming Paramore/Taking Back Sunday back-to-back on the North Stage.

Craig Wedren's crooning goes into falsetto range fairly regularly, a stark contrast to the straightforward singing/screaming that fellow 90s acts on this bill (Foos, Offspring, STP) favor. The band also forgoes typical verse/chorus/verse song structures, making it hard for the festival crowd to do the token clap-along thing.

The riffy "Hit Liquor" provides an early set highlight but "Heaven Here" has a big, harmony-filled chorus that goes down easy. For a band that hasn't really played together in a decade, STT doesn't seem to have missed a beat. And Wedren's sideburns are truly a sight to behold. A sultry, slinky and heavy version of "X-French Tee Shirt" -- the band's biggest "hit" back in the '90s -- served as the official pronouncement that Shudder to Think is back.

STT was also responsible for what will probably be the cutest moment of the day, when Wedren pointed out his wife and four-month old son, who was wearing a pair of huge, noise canceling headphones that are almost as big as he is. It's hard to tell if he's rocking out or if his diaper is just riding up, thanks to being in one of those harnesses.

-- David Malitz

By David Malitz |  August 10, 2008; 1:55 PM ET Virgin Festival
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Its a shame that Shudder to Think is confusing the fans staking out spots for emopop acts. You can bet that if it was Incubus they would have been enjoying every minute of it. But they can't respect the band that so obviously influenced Incubus more than anything else? You can bet that in a culture of embracing the wierd, the new orleans fans at voodoo are going to appreciate Shudder to Think because of their music and not trash on it because their name has diminished in the past decade.

Posted by: Andrew | August 11, 2008 11:13 AM

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