The Silver Beats Make the Festival Crowd Come Together

There are two directions you can go when it comes to covers. Either completely revamp the song and make it your own or don't change a thing. There have been plenty of bands to put their own spin on the songs of the Beatles but it's hard to go wrong playing dutifully straightforward versions of some of the greatest songs ever.

That's what the Silver Beats do, and the fact that they are Japanese gives the whole thing a bit of a sideshow feel. But take your eyes off the stage and you'd swear you were listening to some non-existent bootleg of a 1969 Beatles show.

"This song is awesome!" the guy next to me shouted as the band went into "Get Back" and it's like, duh. It's the Beatles, dude. In their short half hour the Silver Beats raced through perfect note-for-note recreations of classics like "Daytripper," "Come Together" and "Can't Buy Me Love," bringing good vibes to everyone gathered at the South Stage.

That was the best aspect of the performance - looking around and seeing heshers, kids, parents, teenagers, yuppies and everyone in between smiling and singing along. Hearing a perfect version of "A Hard Day's Night" has that effect on people.

And Lord knows it was exactly what I needed to hear after the Offspring.


By David Malitz |  August 9, 2008; 7:06 PM ET Virgin Festival
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