Trent Reznor's Black Magic

The skies over Pimlico began to darken just as Trent Reznor took the
stage. How perfect.

Reznor - the heart and (tortured) soul of Nine Inch Nails - is this
festival's dark knight, singing bleak, raging anthems about
alienation, anger and pain, or a lack thereof.

"I don't feel anything/At all," he hissed.

He's an industrial-rock bluesman with a hellhound on his trail.

"Help me get away from myself!" Reznor pleaded in the depraved
"Closer," over a throbbing electronic drum pattern whose low-boiled
cadence suggested a slow death march.

Then came a punishing double-time beat, an explosion of pealing guitar
licks and a vocal howl from Reznor.

The band - including its reclaimed guitar hero, Robin Finck - is
playing (mostly) hard-charging, confrontational songs filled with
dissonant guitars, violent synth stabs, echoing drums, tricky changes
and a remarkable amount of sonic texture. (It doesn't hurt that the
sound is perfectly mixed - no small feat at an outdoor festival. The
clarity of the delicate instrumental passage the band is playing right
now is simply stunning.)

But really, this is about Reznor, whose performance has been both
terrifying and thrilling. It's clearly one of the highlights of the

Trent Reznor, bright spot - go figure.


By David Malitz |  August 10, 2008; 9:04 PM ET Virgin Festival
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Trent is awesome I love the videos of him at the Voodoo Experience ( ). I can't wait to see him again in New Orleans this year for voodoo!

Posted by: Andrew | August 11, 2008 11:00 AM

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