Virgin Mobile Festival Preview: Post Rock Draft

"Still trying to figure out how I wasn't the first pick..."

In which Malitz and I finally figure out how to move our shared fantasy-baseball obsession into the music space.

The draft to determine our live-blogging assignments took place this afternoon via IM.

(Note that most of the undrafted acts on the VMoFest schedule will be covered in This Very Space by the guy who didn't make the pick for that time slot. Unless we're at the batting cages.)

Malitz: You can have first pick.

du Lac: Because I'm older, or because you feel sorry for me for having to write the Style story for Monday?

Malitz: A little of both, plus I think you've got a little Dave Littlefield in you.

du Lac: Hey, don't forget that you don't need to waste a pick on the Stooges. I'll be in the media tent/penthouse suite then, enjoying the air conditioning for the first Style deadline.

Malitz: (scurries to rearrange draft board) It's like getting Michael Inoa without wasting a draft pick. OK, obscure baseball references out of my system now.

du Lac: So ... with the first pick in the Washington Post Co.'s 2008 Virgin Mobile Festival assignment draft, I select Chuck Berry and the Silver Beats, Saturday, South Stage, 6:30.

Malitz: Most experts had that performance going #1 to du Lac despite an impressive pre-festival interview done by Team Malitz.

(The rest of the results, after the jump.)

du Lac: Most experts = your Starbucks barista?

Malitz: She moved back to Tennessee! (Yes, I gave her a going away mix CD. But I did not give it a cheesy title.) With the second pick in the Washington Post Co.'s 2008 Virgin Mobile Festival assignment draft, I will select Lil Wayne. Sunday, South Stage, 3:50. Perhaps a bit early to be breaking out tactical picks, but given the inside information available and competing bands, the organization feels this was the right selection.

du Lac: Wanna trade? My next two picks for Lil Wayne.

Malitz: Has there been an official ruling on trading picks?

du Lac: I am the commissioner of you, and I say it's not only legal - it's also the right thing to do! Wait, I'm not really the commissioner of you. But yeah, we can trade.

Malitz: I'll do it for next two picks plus future considerations.

du Lac: Done! Just call me Brian Sabean. (Back when he was a good GM. And took Littlefield for Jason Schmidt, the greatest Giants pitcher since Juan Marichal.)

Malitz: I am going to bank on Lil Wayne taking the stage late and still being able to catch some of his act.

du Lac: You'll be on Taking Back Sunday duty. Don't count on it.

Malitz: I bet those kids are prompt. We'll see about Weezy. Anyway, do I now have three consecutive picks? After you just grabbed the two most interesting acts?

du Lac: Yes. Enjoy!

Malitz: OK, first I'll take Kanye, Sunday on the South Stage at 8:30.

du Lac: Good. I'm tired of writing about him - though he was awesome at Nissan in May.

Malitz: My fingers aren't letting me type anything besides "Bob Dylan" next, even though you are on record as wanting to see STP instead. [Dylan is on the South Stage on Sunday at 6:45.] And then I'll take She & Him on the South Stage at 2:35 on Sunday so I can gaze at Zooey while you have to watch Paramore. Yes, I'm resorting to spite picks.

du Lac: That hurts. But, thanks for leaving two great half picks on the board in Underworld and the Foo Fighters. Enjoy Jack Johnson! [Underworld performs at 8 p.m. Saturday in the Dance Tent, the Foo Fighters at 8:15 on the South Stage.]

Malitz: Totally against the rules! Half picks are for socialists. If half picks are actually legal, then I will take the other halves of those sets. But I will play out the rest of this draft under protest.

du Lac: What rules? Rock and roll, baby! But fine, I will undo the Foo Fighters pick and just take Underworld. The whole set. Stay out of my tent, man!

Malitz: This draft is going worse than that one time I spent $37 on Steve Finley. Oops, sorry, I said I was done with those.

du Lac: Hurry up. I have to get home to watch my guy Ubaldo Jimenez no-hit the Nationals.

Malitz: I'm really disillusioned right now, but I guess I'll take Sharon Jones, Saturday, 3:25 on the North Stage - another one I know you've seen recently. That was a bad trade, man. Future considerations are your No. 2 pick in next year's draft.

du Lac: Our trade was almost as good as the Papelbon deal I did yesterday. Thanks. Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings - very nice pick. I'll take Rodrigo y Gabriela, North Stage at 4:35 on Saturday, mostly because I'm dying to read your take on the Offspring.

Malitz: And I'm dying knowing that I'll have to write a take on the Offspring. Oh, just kidding Dexter. For this year's Act Performing Early Sunday in the Dance Tent Represented by Windish Where Freedom Will Make a Typo Causing Their Reps To Get Angry at Us Pick, I'll take Chromeo.

du Lac: One-trick phony! Fantastic. I'm trying to figure out a way to stick you with Hollywood Undead, but I'm not seeing one. So, I'll take Cat Power on Saturday at noon over on the North (But Don't Call It the "B") Stage. Say hi to my fellow hapa, KT Tunstall, would ya?

Malitz: Hey, maybe I'd rather check out JDH and Dave P in the Dance Tent that day. Although it's not a good sign that the first Google search return for JDH is for a company called JDH Capital. Well, just to save us both some walking, I'll grab Gogol Bordello for Saturday at 1:20 on the South Stage.

du Lac: So predictable! That's why I didn't waste a pick on Duffy, who I really want to see. This is working out perfectly for me. Citizen Cope, 5:45, North Stage on Saturday. Go ahead, I know you're taking Lupe Fiasco.

Malitz: There are only a few more tossups left, so yes, I'll take Lupe here. I think my eyes would roll right out of my head if I had to endure a full 50 minutes of Swell Seasoning. [Lupe Fiasco performs Saturday on the South Stage at 2:30.]

du Lac: There goes Ubaldo's no-hitter. Willie Harris is on fire! Anyway, I'll take Black Rebel Motorcycle Club in the opening North Stage slot on Sunday. Even though that means I'll have to walk there from South Stage after witnessing Hollywood Undead's debut live performance - which I am definitely going to see. Does that make Andrew Bird "Mr. Irrelevant" in this draft?

Malitz: Oh, I'll be there for Hollywood Undead as well. They are not draft eligible because there is no competition for them, since they're on from 11:30 to noon, when nobody else is playing. And you know, I'm actually going to go with Shudder To Think, since Craig Wedren agreed with more of my convoluted theories on the phone on Wednesday. [The band performs Sunday on the North Stage at 1:05 p.m.]

du Lac: Mel Kiper gives my draft an A-minus. Yours? C-plus.

Malitz: Future considerations = actually getting paid for working this year. And there, an RBI single by Bonifacio off Ubaldo. Take that.

du Lac: I'll take the two-run double from my other guy, Willie Harris.

Malitz: Yes, everything is just working out great for you, isn't it? I'm leaving. See you Saturday. I'll be the grumpy guy watching KT Tunstall

By J. Freedom du Lac |  August 7, 2008; 6:40 PM ET Virgin Festival
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David Malitz---Who are you

Posted by: Andy Malitz | August 7, 2008 8:42 PM

Thirty-seven bucks for Steve Finley. Wow.

Posted by: Lindemann | August 7, 2008 10:25 PM

nice reference to the "one trick phony" from last year

Posted by: gregg gillis | August 10, 2008 5:21 PM

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