Live Last Night: Silver Jews

This won't be a real review; Patrick Foster will have that for you in tomorrow's paper, and he'll say it better than and more succinctly than I ever could. This will be a little more "bloggy" than usual, but since Freedom is unable to post due to being in a state of catatonic shock thanks to Brian Wilson (not that one, this one) and the rest of his relief pitching corps, you're left with me talking more about the Silver Jews.

I talk a lot about the "personal connection" that makes for an enjoyable music experience and last night was the most perfect example I could ever imagine. I've been waiting half my life - literally - to see the Silver Jews at the Black Cat. My favorite band, my favorite club ... and it was everything I hoped it would be. I got the feeling that this is what it must be like at a jam band concert, except without all the horrible music and odor. (Although the odor thing is debatable; I saw one dude send a text message that said, "[Expletive] hipsters smell terrible.")

It seemed like I knew half the people in the crowd and that everyone else was in the same boat. It was just a very positive, communal experience. People kept quiet during the performance but it wasn't one of those uncomfortable silences where you felt like you'd get shushed if you simply whispered something to the person standing next to you. Folks were there to see the band but also to share an evening with their friends. People quieted down during "Pretty Eyes" but weren't afraid to get a bit rowdy during "Punks In the Beerlight."

Now allow me to get all mushy here for a second and then I'll be done - it was simply a very uplifting evening. To be in a club that's a home away from home, with tons of friends who (because, unlike me, they aren't stalkers) were seeing the band for the first time, supporting a dude who is putting his life together and finally feeling comfortable as a performer, with his wife playing bass/providing moral support ... everyone was on the same page. Whatever that feeling was, that's the feeling you're striving for when you listen to music.

Phew, got that out of my system. Now, have I mentioned lately how much Eric Clapton sucks?

Here's the set list for anyone who may care about such a thing:
I'm Getting Back Into Getting Back Into You
Trains Across the Sea
Black and Brown Blues
Aloysius, Bluegrass Drummer
Horseleg Swastikas
Smith and Jones Forever
Pretty Eyes
My Pillow Is the Treshold
Random Rules
Slow Education
We Could Be Looking for the Same Thing
Suffering Jukebox
Strange Victory, Strange Defeat
Punks In the Beerlight

By David Malitz |  September 11, 2008; 5:34 PM ET Live Last Night
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Great show. "Pretty Eyes" and "Tennessee" were the highlights for me.

Speaking of odors, though - the lead singer of Monotonix absolutely reeked. They're fun to watch, but I'd prefer never to smell that dude again.

Posted by: Steve | September 11, 2008 6:41 PM

I am sure EC really doesn't care what you think about him, DM. I know I don't care what you think about him either.

Posted by: Clapton Sucks? | September 12, 2008 10:42 AM

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