Put Me In Coach, I'm Ready To Play ... A Rick Ross Song

When Malitz stumbled upon this database of Major League Baseball at-bat songs on ESPN last week, he had but one response: "Wow wow wow."

Couldn't have said it better myself, as it's like the mother lode for music-loving baseball nerds. About the only thing that would improve it might be some sort of statistical analysis from our favorite numbers cruncher, Nate Silver.

Anyway, with baseball's postseason about to start, Malitz and I took a look (via IM) at the songs used by some of the players on the playoff teams. Transcript after the jump.

du Lac: When did Rick Ross become the official rapper of Major League Baseball?
Malitz: Weezy might still have his number. And David Ross still prefers Rob Base.

du Lac: Never trust a guy with a career .744 OPS. Also, never trust a pitching staff that loves Drowning Pool as much as the Phils do. Brett Myers and Brad Lidge both picked Drowing Pool songs. That's a rock-and-roll staff, I guess: AC/DC, Metallica, Audioslave, Queen - though Flash Gordon doesn't really have a choice.
Malitz: Yeah, Brian Shouse ("Shout" - Tears for Fears) better hope he doesn't get dealt to Philly or else he's in serious trouble. The Red Sox are representing the grunge era pretty well -- Jacoby Ellsbury with "Cherub Rock" and Jason Bay with "Alive."

du Lac: They also have some post-grunge: Manny Declarmen with Creed's "Stand Here With me," Josh Beckett with Nickleback's "Rock Star." What, guys, no love for Daughtry and Staind? But the best Red Sox song, hands-down, is Jonathan Papelbon's: "I'm Shipping Up to Boston" by the Dropkick Murphys. I've been at Fenway when that song came on, and it was absolutely electrifying.

Malitz: I like that Jed Lowrie uses a cover of the Undertones' "Teenage Kicks" as his song. Not sure why he wouldn't just use the original, but John Peel would be proud anyway. Meanwhile, Mike Timlin's choice of "Black Betty" by Ram Jam looks like some copy that accidentally found its way in there from the Toys in Babeland catalog. Not that I'm familiar with that catalog, of course. Or its online equivalent.
du Lac: Yeah, okay "Dr. Feelgood." Can't believe Mark Sweeney is using that in 2008. Must've been inspired by a visit to the Seventh Veil. Not that I'm familiar with Seventh Veil.

Malitz: How unsurprising is it that Greg Maddux uses a Rush song? That just seems like a perfect fit.
du Lac: And how awesome that Manny Ramirez is using "S on My Chest"? That's just Manny being Weezy!

Malitz: To keep it V-Fest related, Jonathan Broxton uses Chuck Berry's "Johnny B. Goode," for obvious reasons. But that's not nearly as cool as Hideki Okajima's "Okajima-Oki-doke (Mr. Yoshie)." He's the only guy with a custom song. Did you commission "Freedom '90" from George Michael?
du Lac: Yeah, the night he asked me to appear on "Sports Machine." Man, who would've thought that Hong-Chih Kuo and the Hebrew Hammer, Ryan Braun, would have anything in common? But both picked Jeezy's "Go Getta."

Malitz: Now that we're onto the Brewers, can I just say that it's a travesty that Corey Hart doesn't use "Sunglasses at Night"?
du Lac: No kidding. I guess nothing gets you more fired up to work the count than Craig Morgan's "International Harvester." Hart can't help it, though; he's a country boy.
Malitz: Silkk the Shocker was not a name I expected to see on these lists.
du Lac: The Brewers have the most interesting playlist. Moby?

Malitz: Prince Fielder's too cool to even have a song. So I guess he wouldn't mind playing on the Cubs, who get no walk-up music because they play in a stadium older than John McCain.
du Lac: Or Joe Biden. Wonder who the Cubs have lined up to sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" during the NLDS. R. Kelly, get in here!

Malitz: I'm sure Billy Corgan would love to. Vedder, too. As long as it's not Jeff Gordon.

du Lac: Or William Hung! Though it looks like he's a Rays fan. ("Buy me some peanuts" sounds a lot like, well ... just listen for yourself.) And, you know, if anybody actually showed up for those games in Tampa, I bet somebody would object to the Jonny Gomes song, Buckcherry's "Crazy [Expletive]." Not the most family-friendly song on the ESPN list. Or woman-friendly, for that matter.

Malitz: He'd have to get Joe Maddon to actually put him in the lineup for that to happen. But it's a fitting song.: In every Rays brawl this year, he put himself front and center. Him and James Shields ("Du Hast" - Rammstein), it all makes sense now.
du Lac: Meanwhile, Gabe Gross is using "Blessed Be Your Name." Guessing he doesn't hang out much with Gomes (or Shields) away from the ballpark.

Malitz: There's not much info gathered on the Angels. I wonder if Mark Teixeira feels the same way about "I Wanna Rock" with the recent Twisted Sister news.
du Lac: Teix should take Howie Kendrick's song: "Get Buck." Because he's gonna get a whole lot of them when the Yankees give him the keys to the vault.

Malitz: Actually, I think C.C. Sabathia's choice of "Millionaire" (by official MLB rapper Rick Ross) is appropriate for the fortune the Yankees will bestow upon him after the Brewers use him up this month.
du Lac: Either that or "Hurt," given how much he's pitched since the Indians traded him. By the way, I think the White Sox should adopt a new them: Duncan Shiek's "Barely Breathing."
Malitz: And the Twins, of course, have to go with Pavement's "Stop Breathin."

Malitz: So who you got? I'll say Red Sox over Dodgers in 5.
du Lac: Cubs over Angels in 6. Sentimental pick, as a lifelong fan of the SF Giants - another team that can't seem to win a World Series. And letting the Cubs get it against the Angels would make me feel a little bit better about 2002. Not that I'm still bitter about that.

Malitz: Does Russ Ortiz still have that game ball you think? Sorry, feel free to make a Francisco Cabrera joke here. I've had 10 extra years to get over it.
du Lac: Two words: Sid. Bream.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  October 1, 2008; 7:36 AM ET Randomness , Sports
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I highly approve of this post.

Red Sox over Cubs in 5.

Posted by: KR | October 1, 2008 1:39 PM

Looking fowar to hearing "The Night Chicago Died" twice this post season.

Posted by: Adams Morgan | October 1, 2008 4:12 PM

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