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While reading Bill Simmons' excellent article on Manny Ramirez (I know, right?) this line certainly caught me off guard:

"You could always count on Manny to act like the craziest guy at a Fugazi concert. Nobody loved the walk-off mosh pit more."

I can tell you that Ian MacKaye would not approve of seeing the words "Fugazi, "loved" and "mosh pit" in such close proximity to each other, unless the phrase "stopping a concert to berate that guy in the middle of" was also in there. It seemed like an odd reference to throw in there. Why not just go with Rage Against the Machine or something? (And just for fun, here's a NSFW YouTube link of the most famous moment of Fugazi berating.)

Also, after watching James Loney (, Dear) take Ryan Dempster deep on Wednesday, soon followed by Lou Pinella summoning Sean Marshall from the bullpen, I was berating myself for not making a Sean Marshall/Cat Power joke in our baseball music post the other day. I'll try not to let you down like that again in the future.

By David Malitz |  October 3, 2008; 12:20 PM ET Sports
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Thanks for posting the ESPN article, good read.

The reference does seem strange at first; though since the article does revolve around Manny's general oddball nature, maybe it was intentional. Like, maybe Manny is the guy trying to mosh at a Fugazi show just because it's so inappropriate? Which I guess puts the Red Sox front office in the role of Ian MacBuzzkill.

Looking forward to seeing the Cubs' curse extended for another 100 years and watching the Dodgers duke it out with the Phils for the NL championship!

Posted by: mikef | October 3, 2008 3:04 PM

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