Friday Fall-ies: Oh! Brother

Song: "Oh! Brother"

Album: The Wonderful and Frightening World of the Fall (1984)

Number of other compilations/live albums it appears on: 2 (shocking low number)

Possible Band Names Derived From Lyrics to This Song: Disinformation, The D-Jackets

How-ah many times-ah does MES add his famous suffix-ah: 14 (1 every 17.2 seconds)

Is the entire song just one part repeated over and over again? Pretty much, yes.

Thoughts: For the longest time I was baffled by the folks who claimed the Fall's best work was done in the mid-'80s. I still maintain that the '77-'82 era (ending with "Hex Enduction Hour") is the best, all sharp guitars, squealing vocals and general sense of confrontation. But over the past few years I've grown to appreciate and fully embrace the "Brix Era". The changes were mostly aesthetic, as you can hear with "Oh! Brother." The songs still follow the basic idea of "find good riff, repeat ad nauseum while MES does his hiccupy vocal thing on top," except now the guitars are replaced by keyboards and there are some female backing vocals. It's the guitar to keyboard transition that was tough to take, especially because it does give the whole thing a very '80s feel. But even if the edges have been softened, it's still the Fall and there's no denying that a song like this one goes down easier than last week's selection. You could probably even slip it into a set at an indie DJ dance night.

By David Malitz |  November 28, 2008; 5:12 PM ET Friday Fall-ies
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