Friday Fall-ies: "Hey! Student"

Song: "Hey! Student"

Album: Middle Class Revolt (1994)

Number of other compilations/live albums it appears on: 4

Possible Band Names Derived From Lyrics to This Song: Letters to the Evening News, Dead Brains

How-ah many times-ah does MES add his famous suffix-ah: 16 (1 every 16.9 seconds)

Is the entire song just one part repeated over and over again? Without question, yes.

Thoughts: Some musicians mellow with age. Mark E. Smith is not one of them. The Fall's output in the '90s was a mixed bag but one of the clear highlights was 1994's "Middle Class Revolt," which was released during the alt-rock boom by influential tastemakers Matador Records. Like plenty of other songs in the Fall's catalogue ("How I Wrote Elastic Man," "Container Drivers," "Fiery Jack," to name a few) "Hey! Student" is basically a revved up rockabilly tune; this one features an even more pronounced militaristic drumbeat which is a perfect fit for MES's disdainful lyrics. It's basically four-and-a-half minutes of the then-late-30s Smith mocking university kids who think they have it all figured it out and who do things like "listen to Pearl Jam in your room" and "stare in your room at Shaun Ryder's face." As usual, the humor and vitriol work in perfect tandem.

By David Malitz |  December 19, 2008; 4:29 PM ET Friday Fall-ies
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