Spotted: Small D.C. Record Label Namechecked on Teen Drama

So I have last night's episode of "Gossip Girl" ready to watch on the DVR, but a friend's Facebook status update informed me of a pretty funny line from the show (um, spoiler alert!) where Dan made Vanessa swear on on her "Simple Machines 7-inches."

Now there's an obscure reference for you. If there was going to be a shout out to an old D.C. record label you'd think it would be Dischord. Or maybe Teenbeat. Or even DeSoto. But Simple Machines? That's digging deep! So which records was Vanessa swearing on exactly? Let's try to figure that out.

Here's the complete Simple Machines discography. You've got to think that there are at least a few Tsunami 7"s in there, since that was the label's flagship band and a do-it-yourself girl like Vanessa would certainly look up to Jenny Toomey and Kristin Thomson, who were in Tsunami, founded/ran Simple Machines and published the indispensable "Mechanic's Guide," which was the Bible for anyone who wanted to self-release a record in the '90s.

If she has any of the original 7"s, especially those last few which featured the likes of Scrawl, Autoclave, Circus Lupus, Superchunk and Unrest, well, that would be pretty awesome. I'll say the Bratmobile/Veronica Lake split-7" from the 1993 Working Holiday series is in Vanessa's collection. She probably went through a phase where she tracked down all the Bratmobile records, right? If she has the Monorchid's "Distortion/Babies" 7" then she automatically becomes my favorite character on the show -- which isn't saying much these days since everyone is pretty insufferable -- because the Monorchid is absolutely the most underrated D.C. band of the '90s. It's more likely she has that Danielle Howle record, but that could just be me stereotyping a fictional character. The nerve.

I'm now eagerly awaiting the episode where Vanessa talks about her summer trip to D.C. when she saw Q and Not U at Fort Reno.

By David Malitz |  January 13, 2009; 1:06 PM ET Local News , TV Music
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I don't understand most of this post, but it's great.

Posted by: Lindemann777 | January 14, 2009 5:12 AM

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