Live Last Night: The Points

Ever since guitar strings were amplified, raw power has been in style. The Points know this, because they're historians. Or least they sounded like it on the Black Cat Backstage last night.

The D.C. band ran an extension cord back to the moldy basements and crumbling garages of yesteryear, plugged in and spewed out 30 minutes worth of impeccable rock-and-roll.

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Warming up for a month-long tour that will see them playing such places as Lafayette, Ind., and Jackson, Miss., four Points came onstage and obliterated the majority of their debut album, slicing through "Feeling Sorry," "Don't Care Much," "Never Trust My Heart, " "It's the End" and
"No Girl," none of which require much critical exegesis.

They even announced a cover, which very well could have been Los Reactors' "Culture Shock," but since they aren't much for enunciation, it was hard to say for sure.

Anyway, it sounded just like the other stuff, which barged its way into a club that includes the Sonics and Crime and the Reatards and the Fleshtones and even that band that starred in
"Rock and Roll High School." The drummer played standing up for a little while and at one point, instead of taking a solo, the guitarist did a few push-ups, which were both cool moves.

If you missed The Points on Thursday, well, you missed a good set. But don't worry, they'll be back in a month, probably playing a house party or something. And if you still care about loud, fast rock-and-roll, you should go see them. You might even learn something about history.


By J. Freedom du Lac |  February 20, 2009; 3:02 PM ET Live Last Night
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