The Morning Mix: Snow Patrol Says It's Fun to Stay at the Y-M-C-A; 'Deja Vu' All Over Again For CSN


Headlines: Snow Patrol singer Gary Lightbody insists the band isn't as boring as the Manic Street Preachers have suggested, saying: "We're like the Village People, only slightly less gay." Also in Snow Patrol's defense: "'Chasing Cars' was an inescapable hit worldwide." And: "People think of us as that band with that song on 'Grey's Anatomy' and decide to hate us." But? "In our heads, the music we make is vital and passionate." ... Early recordings of a dozen Crosby, Stills and Nash songs will be featured on an archival album in June. "Crosby, Stills & Nash Demos" will include early takes of "Deja Vu," "Long Time Gone," "Marrakesh Express" and "Love the One You're With." Says Graham Nash: "On some of these songs you really hear us becoming a band, trying out different ideas in our songwriting and singing and harmonies." ... "American Idiot," the musical, is opening this fall. Green Day is teaming up with Tony Award-winning director Michael Mayer for the theatrical production. Could be kind of awesome, no? Says Billie Joe Armstrong: "It doesn't make a lot of sense. But that's what I love about it. When people see it, it's going to be my wildest dream." ... Prince, who channels Jimi Hendrix throughout his guitar-driven "LOtUSFLOW3R" album, covered Hendrix in concert. Elvis Presley, too. ... Wayna Wondwossen, the Bowie-based, Grammy-nominated R&B singer, explains why she had a collapsible police baton in her carry-on bag, which led to her arrest at Bush International Airport last week. (Short answer: Stage prop.) The third degree felony charge against Wayna was dismissed. ... Wait, what? Rivers Cuomo is collaborating with "The Office" actor Rainn Wilson? ... Bernard Purdie is now doing the Purdie Shuffle on Broadway. ... Rancid is back, and the punk band's upcoming album includes a collaboration with Booker T. Jones. Yes, the Hammond-playing Stax great. ... Does Carrie Underwood wear Spanx? ... Forget Andre 3000. It's Andre 109 MPH now. ... Courtney Love sued for Twitter defamation.

Say What?
"I'm hoping to do a children's record. If I collaborated with Elvis it would be really fun, we could just go nutty -- crazy rock, and he'd be writing about bugs or something." -- Diana Krall, who is contemplating a kids CD with her husband, Elvis Costello.

Video of the Day
In which Kanye West and 88-Keys make like old men in the comedic clip for "Stay Up! (Viagra)."

List of the Day has compiled a list of the 100 Greatest Indie Rock Albums of All Time, with "Bee Thousand" by Guided by Voices topping the list. The next five, in order: Neutral Milk Hotel's "In the Aeroplane Over the Sea," Slint's "Spiderland," Liz Phair's "Exile in Guyville," Unrest's "Imperial f.f.r.r." (deluxe edition) and Pavement's "Slanted & Enchanted," which should make Malitz happy. Let the debating begin. (Oh, wait -- it already has!)


Today in Style

Country singer Rodney Atkins is interviewed.

Brian Eno's "Music for Airports" gets the Bang on a Can remix treatment.

P.O.S.covers Pearl Jam, David Byrne loses himself with the Brazilian Girls and more in Singles File.

Quick spins: "Defying Gravity" by Keith Urban. "In a Perfect World" by Keri Hilson. "Quiet Nights" by Diana Krall.


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By J. Freedom du Lac |  March 31, 2009; 8:02 AM ET Morning Mix
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doolittle over surfer rosa
CR,CR over S&E
loveless (where is it anyways?) over spiderland

not that bad of a list if taken as a whole and unnumbered

Posted by: Deceiver | March 31, 2009 10:06 AM

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