Bob Dylan Said, 'Could You Help Me Out? I Got Some Songs Down the Way'; Bocephus Bails Out


Headlines: Bob Dylan received a major lyric-writing assist on new album, "Together Through Life," from Robert Hunter, the rock poet best-known for his work with the Grateful Dead. But Hunter has co-written with Dylan before, too, working up words for "Silvio" and "The Ugliest Girl In The World" on the collaborative album "Down In The Groove." ... Dylan, by the way, says that unlike the Who, Paul McCartney, the Beach Boys, Elton John and Billy Joel, he's imperfect. "They made perfect records, so they have to play them perfectly -- exactly the way people remember them. My records were never perfect. So there is no point in trying to duplicate them." Also: "I'm no mainstream artist." Also, he did not make "music for the grand dinner party." ... A country boy can help you survive. Hank Williams Jr. is offering fans a chance to win $1,000 in cold, hard cash, plus concert tickets, backstage passes, money to cover airfare and hotel, an autographed "Monday Night Football" guitar, three CDs and a signed copy of his new song, "Red White and Pink-Slip Blues." ... Record Store Day is coming; do you know where your exclusive 7-inch is? ... You'll be hearing a whole lot of Kanye West during the NBA playoffs. ... You'll also be hearing Kanye on the next 30 Seconds to Mars album. ... Solange Knowles just might collaborate with her much more famous big sis, Beyonce. So much for that sibling problem, which Solange addressed at the outset of her last album, singing: "I'm not her and never will be." ... Amy Winehouse was supposed to collaborate with Snoop Dogg, but their duets went up in smoke. ... Remember when Rihanna was a pop star and not some tragic figure? She'll try to get some of that back by returning to the concert stage in Dubai. ... Scott Storch has been arrested for grand theft auto. The heavyweight hip-hop producer failed to comply with terms of a leasing agreement on a Bentley GT. ... Jamie Foxx apologized to Miley Cyrus for having said that the teen star should "make a sex tape and grow up." ... Bruce Dickinson is flying high in the new documentary, "Iron Maiden: Flight 666." ... Mike Skinner of the Streets is giving away songs via Twitter.

Video of the Day

In which M. Ward gets animated (with an assist from Zooey Deschanel) on a gorgeous cover of the Buddy Holly hit, "Rave On." It's stunningly spectral stuff. Phil Spector, eat your prison-bound heart out!

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One Night With the Dead Turns Into Eternal Jamnation.

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By J. Freedom du Lac |  April 16, 2009; 8:05 AM ET Morning Mix
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Even with the spectacular package, I don't think I'd want to win Bocephus's prize. That guy squandered his talent (he has a wonderful voice, I will give him that freely) on shallow, pointless songs, and the whole simple goodtime country boy act is total bunk. Yet the whole country music industry kowtows to him because of his DNA. And I love how privileged drug abusers love to offer obnoxiously strident views on politics and what's right when their own lives are unholy messes. He ain't no Willie and he ain't no Waylon, that's for sure. Wow, I think I'm cranky today.

Posted by: jrzwrld | April 16, 2009 10:42 AM

i'm kind of confused about Record Store Day. i've heard so much about it but it doesn't seem like any local shops are participating, unless i just haven't been able to find out any information. can you highlight if any local shops are in fact participating? i really want to pick up the MMJ CD but i fear i might have to go to Louisville in order to buy it...

Posted by: msto | April 16, 2009 2:04 PM

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