Hey, Remember VFest? Let's Predict Some Bands.

franz ferdinandWe fully expect to see Franz Ferdinand at Virgin Festival 2009. You know, assuming there is a Virgin Festival 2009.

By this time last year, we already had three separate posts with Virgin Mobile Festival predictions -- and the headliners were officially announced.

This year? There hasn't been a drop of news. Forget about bands, forget about dates -- we don't even know for sure if there will be a festival this year. All Points West (July 31-Aug. 2 in New Jersey) is all set, with the Beastie Boys, Tool and Coldplay headlining. Lollapalooza will take the festival spotlight the next weekend (Aug. 7-9 in Chicago) with the Beasties and Tool handling headlining duties here, as well, along with Jane's Addiction, Depeche Mode and the Killers. Coachella and Bonnaroo news has been out forever. Pitchfork announced the first bands for its festival. And Bumbershoot just announced its lineup, as well.

So: Pretty much everyone has come out with some news except the VFest folks. Are they waiting on one big band? (Freedom is rooting for Green Day.) Still figuring out whether to scale back to one day or keep it at two? Is Seth Hurwitz just waiting to see if he wins his March Madness bracket and has more money to play with this year? Who knows.

But that won't stop us from making some guesses!

VFest predictions are always a bit tricky. That's because it's the one festival without a true identity. Hurwitz has seemingly always prided himself on the little-bit-of-everything approach, even if it leaves his festival without a specific target audience. One need look no further than last year's She & Him --> Lil Wayne --> Black Keys --> Bob Dylan --> Kanye West stretch on the Sunday of last year's festival to see that in action.

So while you can be assured that there will be some truly out-of-left-field performers (Spandau Ballet reunion, anyone?), here are some guesses on bands we expect to see on one of two stages at Pimlico.

Franz Ferdinand
The band has always done I.M.P. shows in the area and very conspicuously skipped D.C. during its tour earlier this year. They would be a perfect fit for a secondary headlining band. I would be shocked if there was a Virgin Festival without Franz Ferdinand.

Public Enemy
Freedom and I guessed this one at the same moment, so it is ordained that they shall play. The rap legends (yes, we can still call them that even though Flav has done his best to set humanity back with his TV shows and their spinoffs) are doing the circuit this summer and seem a logical fit.

Booker T with the Drive-By Truckers
Another combo that's doing the festival circuit and also has good I.M.P. connections. Booker T and the MGs played a Stax 50th anniversary show at the club earlier this year while the DBTs had a (somewhat ramshackle) two-night stand. Plus, they are VFest alumni, as well.

Because don't the kids just love it? (Even if Patrick Foster doesn't.)

Vampire Weekend
See above.

Got your own guesses? You know you do. Let's hear 'em.

Oh, and if for some reason you've tried to leave a comment lately and have been unable to because of browser issues (hello, Firefox users!), let us know, yeah? Postrock(at)wpost(dot)com. Thanks.

UPDATE: The Baltimore Sun's Sam Sessa posted on VMoFest this morning, and he did some actual reporting! "I e-mailed Virgin Mobile Festival publicist Audrey Fix Schaefer, who said there is 'no news to report,'" Sessa writes. He adds: "That doesn't bode well for the festival."

UPDATE 2: Someone is working hard today. And that someone is Sam Sessa of the Baltimore Sun! Hey, Sam, stop making us look bad. He's got news that there will indeed be a Virgin Mobile Festival this year. But where exactly it will be is still up in the air. Interesting...

By David Malitz |  April 3, 2009; 2:13 PM ET Predictions , Virgin Festival
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My guess it's going to be similar to APW, perhaps even sharing the same weekend and just rotating artists down from Liberty Park as necessary. With that said..

Fleet Foxes said they were playing one more east coast festival (in addition to APW) this year that wasn't Bonnaroo.

The YYYs are this year's jack johnson - expect them at every festival possible.

Tool is on a summer tour and haven't been to to DC/MD in a while. Could be a possible headliner considering they need a defacto '90s band and I don't see them getting NIN (2 years in a row), JA or the Smashing Corgans.

Wilco's got a new album, wouldn't be surprising to see them re-up.

Animal Collective? Maryland? Duh.

I could also see acts like No Age, Ted Leo, and Titus Andronicus making appearances.

But now that you bring it up, Green Day news has been conspicuously sparse considering how massive American Idiot was and how they currently have 0 summer festival appearances -- I was betting on them to perform their new album in its entirety at Lolla, but I suppose the public demanded more Beastie Boys..

As for the rap act, it depends on who hops onto the Rock The Bells this year, but it wouldn't be out of the question to see Jay-Z do a one off.

The question I ask: Will they get MBV?

Posted by: Deceiver | April 3, 2009 3:30 PM

I'd rather spend my time guessing about the "expected and unexpected guests" for the Merge XX fest. Arcade Fire? Stephen Merritt? Neutral Milk Hotel? Start the rumors now!

Posted by: misere | April 3, 2009 3:39 PM

I'm guessing the 3rd weekend in August.

Green Day for sure
Blink 182
Maybe Santana? He's done lots of IMP shows before
I could see the Beasties again and Public Enemy
Maybe Linkin Park? They're doing festival dates to

Posted by: EricS2 | April 3, 2009 3:58 PM

It's bad enough we lost the HFStival, I hope the Virgin Fest can keep going at some venue.

I'd like to see Pearl Jam, Muse or McCartney.

BTW, I'm using Firefox, working ok.

Posted by: Hemisphire | April 3, 2009 4:53 PM

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