Making Friends With the Jonas Brothers

Please Read the Letter: Vol. 1, No. 2. The latest entry in the newish Post Rock series in which I publish unedited email from readers who rant and rail about my work ... or, in this case, who beg for work. This one comes from [name redacted], who really, really, really wants The Post to send her on assignment when the Jonas Brothers come to the Verizon Center in July. (Never mind that Malitz already did this story last year, with Leafblower as his date. They went to the White House with the Jonases. They go waxed with the Jonases.. And then Malitz Put It All In Perspective..)


It all started one day in a class called University 101. I was about one week into my freshman year of college and we were introducing ourselves to the class with timelines of important events in our lives. As I stood up there with 20 pairs of eyes staring back at me, I tried to keep a straight face as I exclaimed, "July 29th. Met the Jonas Brothers". One girl was brave enough to jump out of her seat and ask if she could see the picture. I was only too happy to oblige. That girl and I ended up becoming fast friends, sharing a common bond of three boys who not only made crazy/lovable songs that we could sing for hours, but who also had strong values and weren't too bad on the eyes. When we both decided to leave the school after one semester, I thought we wouldn't keep in contact. But alas, some bonds are stronger than others. With daily video chat skype sessions lasting for hours, we would talk about anyone and anything. When we heard none other than the JoBros were going on tour, we knew we had to see them together.

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One of the first shows to go on sale was in Washington, DC, a mere 20 minutes from her house. It was then decided that I would visit her all the way from Charlotte, NC so we could see them together, in the best seats possible. When the presale date came about, we were more than ready to hop online and start getting our tickets. However, we came across something called a 'VIP Package', or an all-access pass for the ultimate fan. We knew we had to get them, whether it was the last thing we did. After trying for an hour to get the best tickets and trying to order the VIP packages, we almost lost hope. After frantically getting connected to none other than customer service at Ticketmaster, it was finally done. We became the proud owners of 2 VIP packages, giving us access to a private sound check party, floor seats only mere inches from the stage, and some other goodies that were too good to be true. We began to wonder, what day would the sound check be? The day of the show? Or the day before? IF it just so happened to be the day before, then that would quite obviously mean they would be in Washington for a full day before their concert. What would they be doing? What exactly is it like for the Jonas Brothers on tour?

You always read interviews or newspaper articles of journalists who get to meet such artists and follow them around for a bit to get a glimpse into their lives. Though the articles may give a little more insight into how they go about their day-to-day activities, I have yet to read one that was written by a person their own age. Though that person may not be able understand their fame or fortune, they could easily relate because it would be someone their own age, an instant bond that could not be shared by older people. When someone mentions the Jonas Brothers, you instantly think of your ears ringing with the screams of young girls. However, what about the fans who are a bit older? A little more their age? Other people might like to read what its like when a person their own age gets to spend the day hanging out and interviewing them doing what they do best. We feel like there aren't a lot of younger voices out there who would not only appreciate to get the chance of a lifetime, but who could share an amazing experience with others.

That being said, a proposition arises. In the off chance that the Jonas Brothers are in Washington, DC for the day before their concert, my friend and I would like to follow them for the day. Find out exactly what they do when they're on tour; from the moment they wake up, to the actual show itself, we could give a behind the scene, all-inclusive interview/article. Since we already have tickets to not only the show but a private sound check party that only a few can see, we would be able to give the ultimate fan critique. With pictures and videos that could be put on the website, to a review of their show, nothing is off limits! With your help we would love for this idea to become possible. We know it would take a lot of work but we think that in the end it would not only be an amazing experience, but a great spin on a new topic.

Just think, instead of your typical reporter interviewing one of the youngest, most famous bands of the moment, you can get an article unlike any other. Written and experienced by two of the biggest Jonas Brothers fans, it would give the public eye an inside look into who the Jonas Brothers really are offstage and how their fun-loving, goofy personalities got them to where they are today.

Thank you for taking the time to read our proposal, hopefully you can let us know if this is a possibility.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  April 1, 2009; 2:00 PM ET Assignment Desk , Please Read the Letter
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