Springsteen's Work in Progress; Santana Says Obama Should Just Say Yes to Legalized Dope

The new Boss tour isn't yet the same as the old Boss tours, according to the decidedly mixed opening night reviews. (San Francisco Chronicle photo)


Headlines: Bruce Springsteen's "Working on a Dream" tour is underway, and the early returns are mixed. The San Jose Mercury News says "it's clear that this show needs a little work before the dream is achieved: For long stretches, the near-capacity crowd at HP Pavilion was glued to its seats, and even the can't-miss anthems at the end failed to truly achieve liftoff." Reuters reports that the show "certainly wasn't flawless; in fact, there was plenty to grumble about, from a cut-and-paste set list to Springsteen's surprising lack of interaction with the crowd. But it provided enough moments of sheer rock 'n' roll glee to offset any shortcomings." The San Francisco Chronicle says: "Even with a rather weak new album, 'Working on a Dream,' and the group's advancing age, Springsteen shows are inspirational events." Live Daily's take: "Clearly, the Boss wasn't at his best on Wednesday. Indeed, any concertgoer seeing Springsteen for the first time on this night would've had a hard time understanding why so many people have long championed the 59-year-old vocalist/guitarist as one of the greatest live performers of all time." ... Carlos Santana wants President Obama to legalize pot. For the kids! Key quote: "Legalize marijuana and take all that money and invest it in teachers and in education. You will see a transformation in America." ... Stevie Nicks wants to collaborate with Timbaland? Seriously? ... Run-DMC won't perform at its own Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony, out of respect for the group's DJ, the late Jam Master Jay. ... Chuck Berry and Little Richard will perform Fats Domino songs at a benefit concert in NoLa. ... The Jayhawks are getting back together. No depression, indeed! ... Madonna will not be allowed to adopt a second child from Malawi. ... The Rolling Stones are getting the reissue treatment from Universal Music Group, which is re-releasing remastered versions of the band's post-1971 albums. ... John Rich's "Shuttin' Detroit Down," called the first great bailout anthem by the New York Times, arrives today in video form on "Entertainment Tonight." The clip features Mickey Rourke and Kris Kristofferson.

Rant of the Day
"An Open Letter to General Admission Crowds," in which a CMT blogger takes issue with fans at a Keith Urban concert. Not with the people "who were there to actually watch" the concert. Instead, "the people who never sat still" during the show. "You know who you are. You stood in line all day to secure a spot in the densely-packed standing room only crowd only to leave every 10 minutes to do God knows what. I get that a nice cold beer -- or seven -- sounds great during a country show, but every time you shimmied your way out of the crowd to quench your thirst, you did two things: 1. interfered with everyone else's enjoyment of the show. And 2. missed out on Keith Urban's awesomeness."

Video of the Day
The No. 1 single 15 years ago today.

<a href="http://www.joost.com/135dlai/t/R-Kelly-Bump-N-Grind">R. Kelly - Bump N' Grind</a>

Say What?
"We're the new Pink Floyd." -- Keane singer Tom Chaplin.

List of the Day
Rolling Stone proffers the Top 10 Passive-Aggressive Moments in Rock. Among them: Frank Black breaks up the Pixies via fax. Van Halen airbrushes Michael Anthony out of the band's history. And Justin Timberlake casts a Britney Spears lookalike in his "Cry Me a River" video.

Today in Weekend
MusicMakers: "Salute to a Master: Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra to Honor Miles Davis's Landmark 'Kind of Blue.'"

Album reviews: Julie Clark (Sunday at the Barns at Wolf Trap); Obits, Points (Sunday at Black Cat); Bob Mould (Tuesday at the Birchmere); Robyn Hitchcock and the Venus 3 (Thursday at Black Cat)


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By J. Freedom du Lac |  April 3, 2009; 9:25 AM ET Morning Mix , Springsteen
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