Pat Green: Live Last Night

Live Last Night

It's been said there's something in the water in West Texas that makes men write songs and sing 'em. From his party boy persona, you'd think water's just a chaser for Pat Green, a country rocker who got his career started in Lubbock. But he somehow got enough H2O in his system to catch the regional bug.

At the 9:30 club on Saturday, Green headlined a show put on by a booze producer and drank a lot of the sponsor's wares on stage. He talked a lot of about drinking and sang a lot about Texas, and fans in the sold out club screamed approval for both.

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They cheered even when Green, as on "Southbound 35," crooned about needing to get back to his home state to escape the "ocean full of Yankees." (The Governor of Texas recently proposed seceding lately; should he pull that off, residents of what's left of the USA won't miss songs about the former state.)

Green stayed true to his roots with "Me and Billy the Kid," a song he got from Joe Ely, one of his many Lubbock elders.

He changed the lyrics of "Here We Go" to take a shot at the Dixie Chicks, and during a speech about his own artistic relevance slammed Garth Brooks as a has-been for no apparent reason. Green said he put the song "Country Star" on his latest record to make folks in Nashville mad; in it, he pokes fun at singers who move to Music City and give up their pride to make it big. Ignoring the fact that the guy singing it is on the road shilling for a liquor company, it's a fun song.

The night had its non-musical highlights and lowlights. When bandmates started throwing things while he was attempting to toast the crowd with a shot of tequila, Green offered fiddle player Brendan Anthony $1,000 if he could flick a guitar pick into a shot glass from across the stage.
Anthony stunned Green and the crowd by actually accomplishing the trick. Soon enough a roadie brought out $1,000 in $100 bills and Green paid him off.

But the party ended on a nasty note. Green tried to slow things down during his encore with "In the Middle of the Night," a ballad about loneliness and the only song in his repertoire that talks about the ugly side of drinking. A fan up front who must not have liked the buzz-kill message gave the singer a thumbs down gesture. That caused Green to stop singing and launch into a dirty rant.

"That came from a place that's true to me!" shouted Green, who appeared genuinely hurt by the heckling. He then threw a $50 bill at his tormentor and asked him, with profanities, to leave.


By J. Freedom du Lac |  April 19, 2009; 9:27 PM ET Live Last Night
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Pat Green is a genuine person, his song "In the Middle of the Night" is an awesome song. The rude "fan" apparently was not taught any manners, maybe he was raised by a ugly wild animal. I give Pat Green two thumbs up for standing up to what he believes in, his work, his integrity and his life. I hope that rude person was removed from the 9;30 club. I was there, but missed that unfortunate incident. Rude and ignorant people have made this world a not so nice place to be.

Posted by: trishers | April 20, 2009 2:05 PM

I am glad that Pat Green stood up for himself as well. As the fan who issued the “thumbs-down,” I also stand by my action. While taking shots on stage, standing proudly in front of an enormous Jagermeister banner, and paying a thousand dollars for a once in a lifetime, truly amazing, bar trick does beg the question of his integrity as we reference his song “In the Middle of the Night,” whether or not Pat Green is a genuine person is not for me to say.

What does concern me, and what prompted me on Saturday night, is Pat Green’s transition to mainstream stardom and the impact it has had on his music. I’ll never forget losing my shoes to ankle deep mud in a field near Denton, TX, dancing and signing along with the crowd of thousands, the encouraging spotlights, and the video cameras recording Pat’s first music video for the original “Carry On.” It was vintage Pat Green. But the days of “John Wayne and Jesus,” “George’s Bar,” and “Me and Billy the Kid” are over. The inspiring poetry of “Nightmare” might never be heard again. In their place are pop country melodies teamed with sullen lyrics.

In the reality of the situation, the “wild animal” allegedly responsible for my upbringing is in part Pat Green himself, and I can’t thank him enough for it. So, was my demonstration rude, certainly; was it unfortunate, that’s your opinion; was it ignorant, not at all. I feel confident that my tenure as a Pat Green fan far surpasses the majority, I feel justified in everything said herein, and I know many likeminded others supporting my sentiment. It’s not that I’m ignorant of the maturation process, but rather that I feel betrayed by a once loved, inspiring signer-songwriter.

So I’ll take Dancehall Dreamer, Here We Go, Live at Bill Bob’s, George’s Bar, and the original Carry On, leave the rest alone, and we’ll agree to disagree.

Posted by: JoeKirk5 | April 20, 2009 8:05 PM

Excellent, JoeKirk5! Not everything our favorite artists do is golden, and there's rarely an opportunity for them to receive honest feedback from real fans.

Posted by: cjbmo | April 21, 2009 9:25 AM

Congratulations Joe (sarcasm intended) on receiving the 15 seconds of fame you obviously desired when you made the decision to interupt the performance by what you yourself ADMIT was a rude demonstration. Too bad that in doing so, you spoiled the moment and the song for those fans who appreciate a song from the current album.

I fail to understand how you can say you feel "betrayed" by one of the best singer/songwriters and live entertainers to emerge in the last 14 years. I seriously doubt that the ticket you purchased advertised the concert as one that would only feature songs that were 10 years old.

If you only prefer the older songs, you could have taken the high road and made the choice to only show your approval and enthusiasm for those songs. It really wasn't necessary for you to subject all of the other fans in attendance with your negativity regarding the newer music, and in the process take away from their enjoyment of the show.

If you are so concerned about what you perceive as Pat's "transition to mainstream stardom" then you should consider just staying home, playing those old CD's that are the only ones you like, and not disrupting the show for the other fans who would like to hear ALL the music and not just the songs that meet with your approval.

Carry On!

Posted by: DJDevin | April 21, 2009 11:37 AM

Thank you so much for clearing that up JoeKirk. It explains everything, you only care for the 'fun" drinking songs. I highly recommend you read the Lyrics to In the Middle of the Night, say in 10 years, or whenever it is you chose to grow up. I personally could not wait to hear Pat Green and the band perform in the Middle of the Night, but he couldn't finish the song, thanks to you. Nightmare was heard just 24 hours prior to the 9:30 Club at the Rams Head Live in Baltimore, also was George's Bar, Here We Go, and a few other older favorites. Please, do the rest of the paying patrons a favor and stay home from the next Pat Green show! You did ruin a portion of the show for us real fans, and the band as well. TWO THUMBS DOWN FOR YOU!

Posted by: trishers | April 21, 2009 11:59 AM

Pat Green is big in Texas and he should stay there cause he's a second rate act otherwise.

Posted by: tojo45 | April 21, 2009 12:51 PM

In my comment I will address the true fans and friends of Mr. Pat Green. Thank you so much for the music, the fellowship and the fun. It is all of us that keeps Pat going and doing what he does and to all those who do not appreciate what he is and has done then simply don't listen. There are enough of us "Dancehallers" to listen and support the music. My signicant other and I traveled several hundred miles this weekend to see Pat at both the Baltimore show and the D.C. with our other "Dancehaller" friends. We got to hear Nightmare live in Baltimore which was a rare treat. I have traveled many a mile to see Pat and will continue to support and enjoy the music and the honor the man and his friends that make the music. To Pat and the boys: Thanks for once again playing your hearts out! I truly enjoyed seeing you all again. Until next time.

Posted by: nemochic30 | April 21, 2009 7:08 PM

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