Tale of the Tape: Psychedelic Horse-Swift


OK, hands raised if you saw both Taylor Swift and Psychedelic Horse[expletive] concerts yesterday. Yeah, that's what I thought. It's always fun to do a tale of the tape when PH is involved -- perhaps you remember last summer when J. Freedom saw Aaron Neville at the Birchmere while I stood in a steamy living room as PH played. So here's yesterday's comparison between Taylor Swift at Bishop Ireton High School and Psychedelic Horse[expletive] at the Velvet Lounge. Taylor Swift notes are on top, as if that needed to be pointed out.

Quote That Sums Up Career
* "It's the most exhilarating feeling that I've ever felt in my entire life when I hear that sound just erupt from 13,000 people all in one room, all with my name on their ticket. It absolutely floors me that that gets to happen to me, that I actually get to experience that." -- Taylor Swift, on screaming fans

* "We don't have any [expletive] to [expletive] up." -- Matt Whitehurst, on whether that interview from SXSW messed anything up for his band

Audience Breakdown
* 800-plus screaming teenagers and some religious people.

* About 18 varying degrees of borderline personalities.

* Approximately one per band member, so about six.

* None -- a bartender from another bar helped put the microphone back on the mic stand so Matt Whitehurst wouldn't have to sing one song while laying face down on the stage.

Right Before Concert Started...
* A three-minute video showing Swift at various points in her childhood, ending with baby Swift singing a song in the bath tub.

* Three minutes of Whitehurst sound checking his "techno box" and repeatedly asking the sound guy to crank it up to an ungodly volume.

Most Ear-Splitting Moment
* When Swift walked out and 800 kids shrieked.

* When that "techno box" got put to use. Good lord.

* A nice black dress with a floral print, with knee-high boots.

* An extremely faded Usher concert tee from his 2000 tour, ratty jeans and sneakers for Whitehurst.

Saxophone playing drummers
* 0

* 1

Post-Show Situation
* Quickly rushed backstage, then to the safety of a tour bus, past hundreds of screaming fans.

* Sitting outside the Velvet Lounge smoking cigarettes telling a homeless dude they don't have 75 cents to give him for the bus.

Sales Pitch
* (Roughly paraphrased) "The CMT Awards are coming up and since I know you guys are so good at texting and voting, it would be really great if you voted for me!"

* (Roughly paraphrased) "We've got records for sale but it's a bunch of old stuff we don't play anymore and it kind of sucks but if you wanna give us $10 for it that's cool."

By David Malitz |  April 29, 2009; 5:29 PM ET Live Last Night , Randomness
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what bothered me was that people were asking Taylor Swift for an encore, and she just left. But hey, what can you expect?

Posted by: thedoorisbroked | April 30, 2009 12:52 AM

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