'Idol' Gets KISS-ed?; Pearl Jam to Greet Conan in L.A.; Yoko + Twitter + Haiku = Awesome



Headlines: It's "American Idol" finale time, and that's kind of music related, right? Joining Adam Lambert and Kris Allen on Tuesday's show will be the likes of Carrie Underwood, Jason Mraz, Black Eyed Peas, Cyndi Lauper, Lionel Richie, Keith Urban, Queen Latifah and David Cook. There are also rumors about Kiss and David Bowie, most of which are even about their participation in the "AI" finale. I don't know about you, but when I look that collection of names I think of two words -- Virgin Festival! Like you wouldn't go to a festival with Kiss, Black Eyed Peas and Carrie Underwood. If mandated by federal law ... Speaking of Virgin Festival, apparently Blink-182 is back to loving bodily fluids and the organs that produce them. In a Monday interview on L.A. radio station KROQ the band talked about its three-song set from last week and revealed that this summer's tour will be called One Way Ticket to Boneville. It'll probably be a while before the Blink rock opera. Unless the opera ended with the fat lady farting. But wait, speaking of Virgin Festival? Just throwing that out there because the band's itinerary has but a single TBD -- Washington on Sunday, Aug. 30. Could this signal a Virgin Festival stop for the reunited pop-punkers? One big catch, this Blink tour -- featuring openers such as Weezer, Fall Out Boy and Panic at the Disco -- is a Live Nation production. Live Nation, of course, totally has a Sharks/Jets thing going on with I.M.P., Virgin Festival's promoter ... Yes! There's a Twitter haiku competition and guess who's judging it? Yoko! Duh. I'm such a lock, right? ... Conan O'Brien takes over "The Tonight Show" on June 1. Max Weinberg will likely be the first person to play music on the show, but the first proper musical guest will be -- Pearl Jam. The band might even play multiple songs. Conan's first guest on "Late Night" back in 1993? That was Radiohead ... This is Coldplay. The band kicked off the latest leg of its tour in Miami and it was, well, very Coldplay-y. Yellow balloons and Monkees covers and everyone got home at a reasonable hour. There seemed to be some issues with how the free CD was distributed, but you can always just download it online. By the way, that free live CD? Bob Lefsetz loves the [expletive] thing ... Eric Clapton just started an 11-night run of shows at Royal Albert Hall and Financial Times (!) weighs in on the fate of the virtuoso guitar solo. Blame Johnny Marr, The Edge and Jonny Greenwood and their damn textures. Hope can be found in the 12-year-olds playing "Rock Band Aerosmith" ... It's well-established that the lineup for next month's Bonnaroo is simply absurd. At one point on Friday Al Green, TV on the Radio, Lucinda Williams, Ani DiFranco, Amadou & Mariam and Bela Fleck will all be playing at the same time. One of those performers (DiFranco) will be performing on a stage curated by David Byrne, the first artist-curated stage in the festival's eight-year history. Also on board for Byrne are Santigold, St. Vincent, Dirty Projectors and Katzenjammer.


Video of the Day
In which Cass McCombs does his Cass McCombs thing with a little help from actress Karen Black on "Dreams Come True Girl." Listening to Cass McCombs is like being on a gently rocking boat, but still one that makes you feel all woozy so you take some dramamine and that just kind of knocks you out, but in a good way, so maybe you take a bit more and then it's just ... good night. Cass McCombs is one of my favorites.

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By David Malitz |  May 19, 2009; 7:49 AM ET Morning Mix
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