Kid Rock Has Something Brewing; Kanye's Torqued @Twitter; Another Reality Check For Rick Ross



Headlines: Kid Rock is planning to introduce a new brand of American beer, called, uh Bad Ass Beer. "It just tastes like good American light beer," says the Detroit rapper-turned-rocker-turned-brewmaster. "An everyday beer." It'll be made in Michigan, and the advertising will take aim at Budweiser, et al. ... Kanye West has taken to his blog to bemoan the existence of a fake Kanye West account on Twitter. In an ALL-CAPS rant, he writes that "I only blog five percent of what I'm up to" and that, in all honesty, "I'm too busy actually being creative most of the time and if I'm not and I'm just laying on a beach I wouldn't tell the world." He then calls on Twitter to take "the so-called Kanye West" account down immediately, concluding: "WHY? BECAUSE MY CAPS LOCK KEY IS LOUD!!!!!!!!!" ... Rick Ross has been called out again for not keeping it real. Only this time, it's Louis Vuitton, not 50 Cent, who's beefing with the burly coke-rapper, noting that he's wearing knock-off LV shades on the cover of XXL magazine. "The sunglasses Mr. Ross is wearing were not made by Louis Vuitton and, in fact, are counterfeit," the company wrote in a letter to XXL. ... David Gahan is not well, the Depeche Mode frontman having been rushed to a hospital in Athens, Greece, just before a concert yesterday. Gahan apparently fell ill in his dressing room with what a radio station called suspected gastroenteritis. The show was canceled and Gahan was still hospitalized as of this morning. ... Carrie Underwood is a perfect 10. With "I Told You So" reaching No. 1 on the country charts, Underwood becomes the first artist in the genre's history to log 10 chart-toppers from her first two albums. ... Flaming Lips: Double-album. ... A custom-made Looney Tunes-themed bar that once belonged to R. Kelly is now available on Craigslist. Insert p-drunk joke here. ... Possibly because Steven Tyler always needs money to buy new scarves, Aerosmith is getting into the lottery game.


Fake Story of the Day
Study Finds All Music Critics Jealous of All Singers: "Music critics use lots of fancy terms like 'artistic merit' and 'cliché' and 'pandering' to make themselves seem intellectually superior to the listening public, but our finding was that all music critics are actually just spiteful recluses driven to criticize others by frustrations arising from their own conspicuous lack of musical talent and a virtual cornucopia of untreated mental health issues."


Video of the Day
The No. 1 single, 30 years ago today, featuring D.C.'s own Herb Feemster. Feemster has reunited with his Herb Fame side, by the way: A new Peaches and Herb album, "Colors of Love," is due out at the end of the month.


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By J. Freedom du Lac |  May 13, 2009; 7:24 AM ET Morning Mix
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