Kris Allen Harshes Adam Lambert's 'American Idol' Mellow; Bob Dylan's History of Love and Theft



Headlines: Kris Allen is your new American Idol, having won in an upset over the flamboyant rockerdude Adam Lambert. Lambert was so good that when he and Allen sang "We Are the Champions" with Queen last night, you could actually envision him filling Freddie Mercury's enormous shoes. And Mercury was only one of the all-time greats among rock-and-roll frontmen. Allen, on the other hand, could maybe fill Jack Johnson's flip-flops. He's got that light, easygoing style, sort of like Jason Mraz, who was one of about a bajillion guests on the show. He did a duet with Keith Urban, who seems like a heavyweight next to Allen. Lambert did his duet with KISS and just killed it. So what happened? Allen had the cute thing going on, whereas Lambert had guyliner and black nail polish on. Allen, the pride of Conway, Ark., is married to somebody who looks a little bit like Reese Witherspoon. The L.A. dude Lambert is, you know -- flamboyant. Allen seems like the kind of guy who'd help your grandmother with her groceries. Lambert might scare the bejeez out of nana. Never discount the power of the senior vote! And maybe the music-loving GOP strategist Todd Harris was onto something when he said yesterday: "You've got these more liberal elites who live on each coast, represented by Adam, and then Kris represents what those on the coast refer to as the flyover states." Though, you know, that John Mayer-ish brand of breezy pop-rock plays on the coasts, too. America loves the mellow. Anyway, the look of disbelief on Allen's face in the photo above says it all; he's as shocked as the rest of us. Or maybe he's just reacting to Queen Latifah's bodysuit during her duet with Lil Rounds or, perhaps, Fergie's hooker get-up. Or was it Kara DioGuardi's "flash" of brilliance, when she ripped open her dress to unveil a black bikini and a whole lot of bare skin. Interesting moment, especially in 1080 HD. ... Bob Dylan was a teenage thief! Turns out that the early Bobby Zimmerman poem that Christie's is auctioning off next month is based on lyrics to an old Hank Snow song. ... Hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons has been appointed a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. ... Michael Jackson's comeback has been delayed by five days. Too much production work to be done still. Also, they can't find his bejeweled glove. ... If you want to bring Jay-Z to town for a show, then you'd better know where to lease a late-model black Maybach, according to his concert rider. Also, you'll need high-quality peanut butter and a couple of bottles of 2004 Sassicaia. (Hey, at least he's not asking for the '85.) ... Total chaos outside the set of "The Ellen Degeneres Show" when a bunch of No Doubt fans got angry after being turned away from the band's performance. The cops were called in to help control the crowd and Degeneres is now trying to make good with the fans. ... Rihanna reportedly stepped out with a new man: Drake, the Lil Wayne-approved actor-rapper who may or may not be the next Fresh Prince. ... Justin Timberlake has game. Or the gift of gab, anyway: He's narrating an ESPN news doc about Kobe and Lebron. ... Iggy Pop has "Raw Power" on his mind. ... Green Day will be No. 1 on Billboard's big chart, after a fairly strong three-day showing. The music biz needs a boost: Sales are off by 25 percent in just two years.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  May 21, 2009; 7:51 AM ET Morning Mix
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But the saga of Simon and Paula lives on…

Posted by: thincaboutit | May 21, 2009 9:02 AM

Adam Lambert is the most exciting performer I have ever seen in my life!!!!

Posted by: chusally6 | May 21, 2009 10:27 AM

Adam always comes across as a gentle soul with impeccable manners in every interview and interaction. His voice is superb, he is the epitome of true entertainment.

Never underestimate the power of the senior vote?
You got THAT right; we plan to CONTINUE to 'vote' for the man with the most talent with our download$ and CD purcha$e$!

May OUR American Idol live long and prosper.

BTW: The first to announce who truly deserved to win? The guy who won 'Vote for the Worst' voter support.

Posted by: Qwerty54 | May 21, 2009 12:10 PM

I've never watched the show, so I have nothing to say about the singing merits of the two finalists. What made reading about this year’s competition so compelling for me was the idea that a gay man, specifically a man that people identify as gay, could break into a part of American culture that previously had been off-limits to gay people.

I recently heard a story that Nichelle Nichols wanted to leave the original Star Trek series after the first season. She decided to stay after Martin Luther King contacted her and convinced her how important it was that America see a black woman who was not a maid. Not only was Lt. Uhura not a maid – she was the first African American sex symbol that millions of Americans had ever seen.

For many gay people I think this competition is about more than who is the better singer - it's about seeing one of our own become something that until now we were never allowed to be - whether that's a senator, a four star general, a professional quarterback or a pop star.

Posted by: eric264 | May 21, 2009 12:24 PM

Elton John. George Michael. Ricky Martin. The list goes on and on . . .

Posted by: anonfornow | May 21, 2009 12:47 PM

Does anyone check facts anymore. Fox does not broadcast in HD-1080i or P for that matter. So the comment about Kara "please think I'm relevant" DioGuardi beeing seen in her black bikini in 1080 HD is ridiculous. The Fox network broadcasts only in 720p and has only ever done so since it started HD broadcasting in 2004. It's a small point, granted, but if you can't get that right, how much credibility does the rest of the piece of "journalism" have.

To say the Adam Lambert was "so good" is to buy into the machine that is American Idol and how it set up Lambert to be the winner, in essence, trying to decide for us a la GWB. Remember he was the "decider" and Fox's news division was right there telling you so.

Posted by: rscme2003 | May 21, 2009 1:31 PM

I was extremely disappointed....I already knew that Chris was going to win...not that Chris wasn't talented...but he was run of the mill.....Adam on he other end was supurb.....I knew that because "he was all american" he would win....I will not be watching American Idol next year...I want it to be voted on talent...not cute...
but that is how America is...can't see the forest for the trees....putting President Bush in office was another travesty.... but he was a good old boy...

Posted by: taraouzo | May 21, 2009 1:57 PM

Please don't blame Chris being chosen on "NaNa." Don't forget, NaNa remembers singers like Elvis. Believe me, Adam in 2009 is nothing to what Elvis was in the 50's. I am 65 and I voted for Adam.

Posted by: howjune | May 21, 2009 2:17 PM

My husband and I are both retired "seniors" living in a "fly-over" state. We could not wait to tune in to AI each week this season to see what the incredible Adam Lambert was going to perform. This talented young man never disappointed. It is a sad commentary on our society when talent is eclipsed by non-issues in a singing competition. We eagerly await Adam's first CD & wish him a brilliant future.

Posted by: vicksburger | May 21, 2009 3:03 PM

Completely shocked that Adam Lambert did not win the American Idol competition! Americans how could you not vote for the obvious super star. He is the most talented person that any of these talented shows ever had the privilege to have on their stage.

My husband and I have only been watching American Idol to see Adam. I trust that he will have a far more successful career than the “cute boy” who won American Idol. We are looking forward to buy his CDs and hope to see him performing soon

Posted by: susanmvanzyl | May 21, 2009 3:08 PM

Look I'm a huge fan of Adam Lambert, and I think he'll be huge with real producers who do real songs, and non of that bubble gum Britney Spears BS AI would make him sing on his first album.

I'm glad he didn't win AI because he naturally isn't the sappy corny type that they usually choose to win. He doesn't need to be remembered as AI, he needs to be remembered as an emerging rock legend.
Besides, he was already a star in the making without the association of a mushy gushy family TV show.

He should have won AI not because he's an amazing singer and performer, but because of who he ran against. Allan is no where near as good of a performer as Adam is.
Chris lacks vocals, energy, "it" factor, uniqueness and personality. I gotta say, Chris is actually really boring and not that attractive when he sings.

There is no doubt in my mind that many bitter people voted for Chris JUST TO VOTE AGAINST ADAM. And I am also sure that his sexuality is the reason for that.

Chris did not win because he's good, but because of his squeaky clean image of the boy next door with Christian values. Well, we'll just have to see if those qualities will sell records outside the tri-state area.

All in all, I kinda suspected Adam would lose, because lets face it, every greatest performer of our time and time before that has been literally demonized. But who cares, its those awesome unconventional nonconformist legends that captured us.

Posted by: alisa4784 | May 21, 2009 5:17 PM

WOW! I can't get over all of the Kris bashers here. Adam is great! yes. He is next after steven Tyler and Mick Jagger to take the crown. Positively, we all know that. BUT Kris is a real talent with raw emotion that displayed each and every week that was continuously overlooked by the theatrics this year. He well deserves this honor and not because he isn't gay. It is because he is a true artist. I loved Adam's great performances and will continue to look forward to them. I applaud Kris on his win.

Posted by: clifcar | May 21, 2009 7:08 PM

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