No Signs of Carrie Underwood in Her Hometown; Chris Brown 'Ain't a Monster,' Says Chris Brown


Headlines: Carrie Underwood's hometown is no longer advertising the fact that it's Carrie Underwood's hometown: The "Home of Carrie Underwood" signs along the highways leading into Checotah, Okla., have been taken down. No slight intended, Checotah's deputy city clerk insists, saying: "They will go back up soon, but Oklahoma State Department of Transportation regulations say that they had to come down from state property after two years." The four signs that you can't currently see if you happen to be cruising Interstate 40 or U.S. Highway 69 around McIntosh County read "Checotah Home of Carrie Underwood American Idol 2005." ... Chris Brown, who'd been incommunicado since allegedly assaulting his ex Rihanna, has put himself back in touch with the world. Via YouTube. On location from the bowling alley at Shaquille O'Neal's crib. In a brief, grainy video, the beleaguered hip-hop singer says he's working on a new album, and that the haters are hating because that's what haters do, and that he loves his "real fans" -- and, oh, by the way: "I ain't a monster." ... Brown would probably categorize this guy as a hater: Photographer Robert Rosen sued Brown over a scuffle with the singer's bodyguards at a Universal City gym. Assault and battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress, etc. ...Damian "Pink Eyes" Abraham, the nutty frontman for the Canadian punk band [Expletived] Up, has become something of a regular on Fox News Channel. Go figure. Then again, his first appearance on the Fox News overnight show "Red Eye" was pretty awesome. He rocks, you decide.... Did AT&T tip the recent "American Idol" finale vote in Kris Allen's favor? According to the New York Times, the "Idol" sponsor provided phones and power-texting lessons to Allen supporters but did no such thing for Adam Lambert's backers. Fewest dropped calls -- and most singing contests thrown. Whoopsiedoodle! But Fox and "Idol" producer FremantleMedia said in a joint statement that the results of the final vote were "fair" and "accurate" and that "in no way did any individuals unfairly influence the outcome of the competition." Thus: "Kris Allen is, without a doubt, the American Idol." ... It's good to be Pete Yorn, apparently. Because when you have a dream about Scarlett Johansson, it's just that. Nothing to see here, move along now. But when Yorn had a dream about making an album inspired by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot and decided that ScarJo would be Bardot to his Gainsbourg, well -- he, says, "I reached out to her and she was into it and we did it." ... Courtney Love is a battlefield, as far as American Express is concerned: The company sued Love yesterday, saying that she owed $352,059.67 on her gold card. Or, as Reuters put it: "American Express Co. wants Courtney Love to leave home without it."


Video of the Day
"Rock On," the No. 1 single 20 years ago today, courtesy actor-singer Michael Damian who did not, in fact, rock. At all. Seriously, don't use the word "rock" if you don't. Because you will be found out.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  May 28, 2009; 6:41 AM ET Morning Mix
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