A Slanted Concert Review? No. Way.

Please Read the Letter: Vol. 1, No. 5: The latest entry in the Post Rock series in which I publish unedited email from readers who rant and rail about my work. Today's missive comes from Alan Carver.

challengeAmy Grant, Vince Gill and Alison Krauss perform a concert promote the Challenge America project at the Kennedy Center. (Kyle Gustafson for The Washington Post)

The Challenge America evening was to help promote helping American Vets with disabilities returning to a normal life after service to our country. You might as well just called it a Vince Gill concert & review and left it at that. Your very slanted review barely touched on what the evening was about and only in passing mentioned the other performers not including one of them Melinda Doolittle! It is too bad you cannot go to a show without your own personal agenda to promote! While Vince is a very talented performer he was not the only one on that stage. Who cares if he deserves a Kennedy Center Honors . . .

By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 11, 2009; 11:28 AM ET Please Read the Letter
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Jeez, J Free... what nerve. You probably shop at Trader Joe's too.

Posted by: amyg8r | June 11, 2009 8:27 PM

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