Axl Rose Humming Live and Let Hide; Britney Does a Flash Dance; Katy Perry Unplugs For MTV



Headlines: Remember when Axl Rose came out of hiding and released some new Gun N' Roses music and spoke to Billboard and then to his fans, via the Web, and promised a big summer tour and all that? He's apparently gone back into hiding. "It's not just Guns N' Roses fans who were disappointed with 'Chinese Democracy' - so was Axl Rose himself. Fed up with the album's poor sales, the band's frontman has locked himself in his home and is not coming out, according to reports." Those "reports" are actually a single New York Daily News story in which an unnamed source says that "Axl won't come out of his house" and "doesn't want anything to do with" the GNR comeback album. The Daily News piece also says that Rose has fired and re-hired Irving Azoff at least three times in the past five weeks. Never mind that he is the most powerful manager in pop by a multiple. ... That same Daily News column, by the way, also notes that Whitney Houston's handlers are insisting that anybody who wants to book an interview with the pop diva in advance of her September comeback must agree that they won't ask any questions about her drug problems. ... CMT blogger Alison Bonaguro: "There are so many country songs about small towns. But somehow, not one of them ever mentions Meth Watch." ... That moving set piece that smacked Bret Michaels in the head during the opening sequence at the Tony Awards? It left the Poison singer with more than just the most awesome YouTube clip of the month; he also fractured his nose and had to get three stitches in his lip, according to his rep. TWP's Lisa de Moraes reports that Michaels had skipped rehearsals for the Tonys and, thus, had nobody to blame but himself for the embarrassing incident that prompted host Neil Patrick Harris to joke: "His number gave 'headbanging' a whole new meaning!" ... Britney Spears topless photos? Shocker. The pix are reportedly from a 2007 video shoot. The above link is SFW; the link within the link is not. Unless you work at Camelot or something. ... A 19-year-old who would've been just a year old when the Smashing Pumpkins released "Gish" seems to have been picked as the "band's" new drummer. ... RIP singer-songwriter-musician Kenny Rankin, whose CV included writing "Peaceful," covering the Beatles song "Blackbird" and playing guitar on Dylan's epochal album "Bringing it all Back Home." ... A Canadian bid to break the Guinness world record for largest guitar ensemble fell short by 179 guitarists. "What do you call it when 1,623 electric guitarists simultaneously jam on Neil Young's 'Helpless'? A disappointment." ... Glastonbury attendees might be greeted by a monsoon. ... Steve Earle's tribute to Townes Van Zandt is doing pretty big business for a Steve Earle album: "I've sold more records in a week with this thing than I've sold in a long time. Which hurts a little." ... If Earle's album is nominated for a Grammy, it will be in the American Roots Music Field, which is replacing the Folk Field. The Recording Academy is still using "Record of the Year" in the single of the year category, though. ... MTV Unplugged with Katy freakin' Perry? Ugh.

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* Black Eyed Peas bad; Mos Def good.

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* Singles File: R. Kelly tips the waiter; DJ Quik and Kurupt craft what may be the electro-rap single of the decade; and more.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 9, 2009; 8:19 AM ET Morning Mix
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The Canadian guitar ensemble was unnecessary: Neil's live recording of Hey Hey, My My (Into the Black) sounds like 2,000 distorted guitars played at once.

Posted by: SSMD1 | June 9, 2009 10:16 AM

I find it interesting that a racist like Axl Rose would choose to have his hair in such an... "ethnic" style. Hmmm...

Posted by: Serengeti | June 9, 2009 11:29 AM

Who has said that the Guns n'Roses fans are disappointed with Chinese Democracy album?? The fans adore Chinese Democracy,we are proud of the amazing 14 songs and the great work of Axl and the new and very talented members in that album, everyone who has listen to it know that is a great and emotional rock album with high quality in music and lyrics. The only disappointing thing for the fans is the marketing for the album,it seems as a treasure that has to be hidden and that only us have the honor to be able to listen to it, but if Axl want this..well,we wanted the album and he has given it to us,we just can say Thanks Axl for this new beautiful music. Obviously if there will be a tour we will be very happy. And usually Gn'R are silent to focus on great things,so they can surprise us better.

Posted by: mariarose | June 10, 2009 9:58 AM

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