Black Eyed Peas Personally Deliver No. 1 Hit to Perez Hilton; If I Had a Hammer (And Sickle)



Headlines: When celebrities attack! (Or at least have their managers do it.) Perez Hilton, the gossip blogger who hits his favorite, famous targets exceptionally hard online, says he was on the receiving end of a punch thrown here in the real world by the tour manager for the Black Eyed Peas. Hilton apparently got into a series of arguments with Peas singer Fergie before, during and after Sunday night's MuchMusic Video Awards in Toronto -- mostly about how much Haterade he drinks when he's blogging about her. Things escalated when Hilton ran into the BEP posse at a nightclub after the awards and he and had some words -- some of which had to do with the rapper-producer's sexuality: Hilton, who is pretty gay, suggested that is totally a member of his tribe. At which point the group's tour manager, Polo Molina, allegedly went all boom boom pow on Perez. The saga played out on Twitter and elsewhere online before Toronto police charged Molina with assault. Here's the photo of the aftermath that Hilton released on the internets. From the AP caption: "Additional marks on the side of Hilton's head and forehead are from pink paint he wore while attending the MuchMusic Video Awards." ... Fairly awesome Jake Tapper tweet: "Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto -- 3 members of Styx are about to be given a WH tour." Styx, of course, performs at Merriweather Post tonight with REO Speedwagon and .38 Special. \m/ ... Mikhail Gorbachev is a hit-making balladeer? Who knew? "An album of romantic ballads recorded by the former leader of the Soviet Union has been bought at a charity auction." The one-of-a-kind CD copy of "Songs for Raisa" was sold for about £100,000 ($164,940) at the event in London. ... Following up on our earlier speculative post about the 2009 iteration of the Virgin Mobile Festival (Blink-182/Weezer, Aug. 30, Merriweather Post, free tickets), Malitz Twittered this yesterday: "free for real? RT @BabyStew via 9:30 Club board, Holy [Expletive]'s MySpace page lists an August 30th 'Virgin Freefest' show in Columbia, MD." Course, you would've already seen that if you were following us on Twitter. ... Iggy Pop doesn't want anything to do with his biopic -- but Elijah Wood does. ... Bruce Springsteen's camp is firing back at Ticketmaster. Again. ... Kills fans have that sinking feeling following the news that Kate Moss tossed her boyfriend's bag into a swimming pool during an argument. Her boyfriend is Jamie Hince, the band's songwriter-guitarist, and the contents of his bag included a laptop on which there were six new Kills songs, none of which were apparently backed up anywhere. ... Johnny Cash's first wife, Vivian, is selling/telling her story: "I Walked the Line." ... Kid Rock is a former rapper whose new thing is country-flavored rock-and-roll. Rick Rubin became famous as a rap producer and label co-founder before shifting his focus to rock and, recently, the Dixie Chicks. So of course they're going to work together. ... Guitar hero Jimmy Page isn't a big believer in Guitar Hero, at least not as an important educational tool for budding musicians. "You think of the drum part that John Bonahm did on Led Zeppelin's first track on the first album, 'Good Times Bad Times.' How many drummers in the world can play that part, let alone on Christmas morning?" ... Yikes: It's time for yet another American Idols Live tour, with opening night less than two weeks away. The local date is Aug. 4 at the Verizon Center. Have fun, Malitz! ... Surely you know this already, but Chris Brown copped a plea deal in his felony assault case. Terms of the deal: No prison time for Brown, who would instead get five years of supervised probation and six months of community labor, which Brown might be allowed to complete in Virginia (he's from Tappahannock). The judge ordered Brown to stay away from Rihanna -- and vice-versa. The transcript of yesterday's hearing is here. Brown still faces a second charge of making a criminal threat. He'll be formally sentenced on Aug. 5.

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* Al B. Sure is in effect mode. Again.

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By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 23, 2009; 7:45 AM ET Morning Mix
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Isn't it about time for another humiliating bet with you and Malitz?

Posted by: Hemisphire | June 23, 2009 10:32 AM

I think Perez Hilton is shooting himself in the foot.

First he impugn his own credibility by saying it was Will.I.Am who hit him and/or a bodyguard.

That was a lie.

You cannot skate over that fact. His manager hitting him is not Will.I.Am.

Then he said it was a few times. That too was a lie judging by the video. He was hit once in the eye. Inexcusable of course but another lie.

He is now suggesting that Will.I.Am gave the order. According to the video that is also a lie.

But what we do know is that defamatory language is incitement and if he seeks to sue, he does play a causation role in the outcome of his bruised eye--so getting damages will be difficult from the manager. I assume a jury will apply a contributory scale.

Secondly he should have went to a hospital instead he tweeted for two hours. And made up lies for several days after before going on record.

Posted by: 411Tibby | June 23, 2009 8:39 PM

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