Joe Jonas Shouts Out All the 'Single Ladies'; #philspector Was A Phony; R.I.P. Koko Taylor


Headlines: Joe Jonas shouldaputa unitard and heels on much, much sooner. Good look for him, even if Justin Timberlake got there months and months ago with his own Beyonce tribute/spoof. And Timberlake, unlike Jonas, actually knew the words to "Single Ladies." ... So yeah, that Phil Spector Twitter account I mentioned yesterday? Way fake. Phony Phil fessed up yesterday, writing: "I made this account as a joke. Befriending a cockroach? c'mon folks even Phil's not that crazy." #philspector has since been scrubbed by the Twitter overlords. ... Chicago blues legend Koko Taylor is now singing "Wang Dang Doodle" at the great blues bar in the sky. (The one on the South Side, natch.) ... Mandy Moore is determined to prove that she is not, in fact, anything like Britney, Xtina and the other pop tarts to whom she was originally compared. ... Live Nation's single-day service-fee elimination for lawn tickets to its amphitheater shows wasn't totally a fee-free day, says Pollstar: "A quick review of the offerings on the LN site found plenty of other charges still tacked on to tickets that fell under the promo, including parking, facility, charity and ticket taxes that ranged from 25 cents to $8." ... Eminem confirms that he was totally in on the joke when Sascha Baron Cohen landed crotch-first on his face at the MTV Movie Awards. ... The guitarist for Christian metal band Stryper is marrying the former prostitute who founded Hookers for Jesus. ... Kanye West gets "Paranoid" with Rihanna. ... Coldplay's Chis Martin has completely ruled out a solo album. I would include an insulting aside here, but I kind of changed my mind about Coldplay with the release of last year's "Viva la Vida." ... Trade mag Radio & Records has gone poof. So, too, has Performing Songwriter. ... A headline I never expected to read: "Snoop Dogg Produces Johnny Cash Remix Album." Huh.


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By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 4, 2009; 8:26 AM ET Morning Mix
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