Mr. Jonas Goes to Washington; Beyoncé Gives a Shout Out to the Obama Girls; Punched Perez Sues



Headlines: Nick Jonas has been lobbying in Washington on behalf of diabetes research -- with President Obama among those he's chatted up about the disease. (That's the most talented of the JoBros with Sen. Frank Lautenberg of New Jersey in the photo above.) Jonas, who suffers from Type 1 diabetes, also testified at a Senate hearing on federal funding for diabetes research yesterday. Highlight from the Reliable Source report: "An intern who had been standing in the back of the room suddenly fainted. A reporter for Politico moved in to get a photo. This got posted on the Web within hours. It's a brave new world, folks." ... Among the faces in the crowd at last night's Beyoncé concert at Verizon Center: Michelle, Malia and Sasha Obama. The Reliable Source reports that before singing her monster jam, "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)," Beyoncé announced: "This is for Sasha and Malia -- and all my single ladies." (Klimek's review of the concert will be posted in This Very Space shortly.) ... Brit-Brit on the late Ed McMahon: "He is responsible for giving so many artists their first shot including myself." Spears performed on "Star Search" in 1992, singing a Judds song. ... Perez Hilton filed a civil lawsuit against the Black Eyed Peas' road manager who is accused of punching the celebrity blogger outside of a Toronto nightclub. Battery and intentional infliction of emotional distress. Not that Hilton ever inflicts emotional distress on his blog or anything. He's seeking unspecified damages of $25K+. ... Nascent Disney star Demi Lovato swears that she's not dating Miley Cyrus' brother. ... Twitter users are good for music sales: A new study found that the Twittering class buys 77 percent more digital music downloads than non-Twitter users. ... Montgomery Gentry, now in the Grand Ole Opry. ... Jay Bennett died of an accidental overdose of pain killers, according to a coroner's report. ... Jim James is covering a bunch of George Harrison songs for an EP. ... Pioneering emo band Sunny Day Real Estate is back.

By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 25, 2009; 8:12 AM ET Morning Mix
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