#philspector, Everybody's Favorite New Pen Pal; Andre 3000 on 2009 Rap; Roger Waters on Walls


Headlines: Is Phil Spector Twittering from the clink? Maybe. A new account in Spector's name has been activated, and whomever is behind it is Twittering like mad, about prison life and music and much, much more. A sampling: "There's a weird looking spider in here with 'don't [expletive] with me' written all over it." And: "Spiders represent the devil." And: "John Lennon was a beautiful man who wrote music about an ugly world. Andrew Lloyd Webber is an ugly man who writes about a beautiful world." And: "I always confuse people when I write letters. I sign off with my initials and people seem to think they have missed something." And: "If you talk to God, you're praying. If God talks back, it's schizophrenia." And: "I'd like to know what God sees when he takes LSD." And: "Have befriended a cockroach. I'm naming him Wilson." And: "I think Wilson just took a [expletive] in my yarmulke." And: "I'm concerned with the fact that I have not been made a doctor at any college and Bill Cosby has, even Dylan has. And: "ee ichi nichi yo." And: "My previous tweet in Japanese was meant for Yoko." Good times. ... Andre 3000 doesn't listen to much new rap, but he insists that "nothing is wrong with rap at all." ... Roger Waters is thinking about the wall again. This time, it's Israel's West Bank wall, which Waters says represents an oppressive grab of Palestinian land. He hopes that "this thing, this awful thing, is destroyed soon" -- and if it is, he'll gladly give a concert there. ... Kanye West's new rhymes are "awes-mazing," says Kanye West, who reiterates that he is, in fact, one the greatest of all-time. "As far as rapping goes, how can I say this? Jordan, Michael Jackson -- it's what I do." ... Trent Reznor is continuing his dissing ways. His latest target: Former protégé Marilyn Manson. "He is a malicious guy and will step on anybody's face to succeed and cross any line of decency. Seeing him now, drugs and alcohol now rule his life and he's become a dopey clown." ... Hey, rap dudes (and Avenged Sevenfold): Need cash? Sell your grills! ... Exene Cervenka has MS. But, says the country-punk poet: "While this diagnosis will most certainly mean some changes for me, personally, it will not affect my commitments to the current X U.S. tour, nor will it affect my solo album that is slated for release this fall on Bloodshot Records. My focus will certainly be on maintaining my health -- many people remain strong and continue to live their lives as productively as they had before an MS diagnosis and I plan to be one of those people." X performs at the 9:30 club Friday. ... 50 Cent is suing an engineering firm he hired to inspect Mike Tyson's 48,000-square-foot (!!!) Connecticut mansion, claiming that their repair estimate was off by millions. The company said it would cost about $500,000 to fix up the property. Fif claims he wound up spending about $6 million on repairs on the 19-bedroom property, whose features include a nightclub, an infinity pool and spa with grotto and, of course, a helicopter pad. ... Carrie Underwood is going to the Country Music Hall of Fame. Not as an inductee, though; just as the star of the exhibit, "Carrie Underwood: All-American Girl," which will feature the silk taffeta gown with an eight-foot train that country's prom queen wore on the 2009 ACMs. ... Leona Lewis has no time for Obama. ... Glasvegas is launching its U.S. tour with a show at the Viva Las Vegas Wedding Chapel. Get it? Glasvegas? What next, a 9:30 Club Specialty Cupcake giveaway at a Cake concert? Oh, wait. ... Chet Atkins sure could pick it, couldn't he? He'll be inducted -- posthumously -- into the Musicians Hall of Fame & Museum in Nashville, with a group that also includes Charlie Daniels.


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By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 3, 2009; 7:53 AM ET Morning Mix
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Turns out it's not the real Phil Spector; whoever it was gave himself up. Sure was entertaining though! Had me believing.

Posted by: hackster52 | June 3, 2009 9:17 AM

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