Telepathe: Live Last Night

Live Last Night

Undoubtedly, many bands dedicated their shows last night to Michael Jackson. But from whatever realm the King of Pop entered yesterday, it was unlikely that he paid much attention to the icy, self-absorbed set that Brooklyn duo Telepathe sent out to him from the Rock and Roll Hotel.

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Busy Gangnes and Melissa Livaudais have kicked up some dust across the music blogs with both "Chrome's On It," an enticing, swirling slice of downbeat synth-pop, and their debut, "Dance Mother," produced by TV on the Radio's Dave Sitek.

The nearly-identical looking lithe brunettes stood together behind a heap of keyboards, laptop and mixers last night, but instead of conjuring the chilly electro-pop-scapes their best songs evoke -- touching on Kate Bush, Gang Gang Dance and the Residents -- they seemed ready for the set to be over the moment it started.

Livaudais spent most of the half-hour onstage fretting about the sound levels, at one point even walking off stage and over to the sound board to complain. And after finishing "Devil's Trident," one of the night's stronger tunes, she curtly apologized to the small crowd: "We truly owe you one."

It wasn't the sound (which, for the record, was perfectly adequate) that did the duo in, however. Offering pouty, rushed versions of songs like "So Fine" and "Lights Go Down," which draw their strength from an almost glacial detachment, was far more damaging. By the end of the night, only a few hardcore Telepathe fans were still into what the duo was doing. And even they seemed a little embarrassed.


By J. Freedom du Lac |  June 26, 2009; 3:11 PM ET Live Last Night
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