Bruce Is "Born To Run" Through the Whole Album; Pixies "Doolittle" Tour to Wrap in D.C.; Young Money Tour Kicks Off, With 80% Less Drake

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Headlines: Let's ease back into this with an abbreviated late morning mix. Et tu, Bruce? The Boss will join the "play a classic album in its entirety" club on Sept. 20 in Chicago when he and the E Street Band will tackle each anthem on "Born to Run." At this point it seems like a one-time deal, so don't expect it when he comes to D.C. on Nov. 2. I'm not a Bruce set list fanatic, but it seems like "Night" and "Meeting Across the River" are really the only two songs from that album that aren't played semi-regularly. At any given Bruce show you are likely to hear four from the album, on average, right? Anyway. The Pixies' "Doolittle" tour has been discussed in this space a few times previously, but now the dates of the American tour have been announced, and it looks like it will conclude in D.C. with a show at everyone's favorite venue, DAR Constitution Hall. The sound was actually fine when I saw them there on their original reunion tour in December 2004 but it was one of the hottest concerts I've ever been to. I think Frank Black went through approximately 38 towels.

In current-artists-playing-current-music news, the big Young Money tour kicked off Monday in, um, Scranton. Perhaps Lil Wayne is a big fan of "The Office"? It was the parade of hits you'd expect from Weezy, Young Jeezy and Soulja Boy Tell 'Em, and up-and-comer Drake even made a cameo appearance after there was speculation that he was completely off the tour due to a torn ACL. You should still get "Best I Ever Had" at Nissan Pavilion on Aug. 7. But you won't be getting Weezy's rock album, "The Rebirth," any time soon. He says it's because he's too busy with other work. I'll stick with because it will be the "Ishtar" (+1 current ref!) of hip-hop and his label is afraid of the fall-out from universally negative reviews. Clipse and the Cool Kids team up for a late summer sojourn and skip D.C. Bah. I will still keep high hopes for Clipse's upcoming "Till the Casket Drops" even though the recent batch of Clipse tunes to hit the Internet hasn't contained a single tune approaching anything from 2006's "Hell Hath No Fury."

More nostalgia? OK. Personal faves Echo and the Bunnymen will return with a new album and tour this fall. Right now there are only a small handful of dates announced, but expect a D.C. show to be added to the mix shortly. I caught the band twice down at SXSW in March and the hits sound as amazing as ever. Manic Street Preachers first U.S. tour in a decade looks like it will skip D.C., though. Looks like you'll need to make the drive to Philly or New York if you want to catch the. Crowded House's Neil Finn has recruited a whole bunch of famous people, including members of Wilco and Radiohead, for his latest 7 Worlds Collide project.

Live Last Night Mini: I double dipped last night, hitting Green Day early on (no spoilers from me since there will be a full report from Chris Klimek in this very space later today) and then made it over to the 9:30 club for Fleet Foxes. I was actually more interested in opening act, psych-folkies Espers, who were fantastic at DC9 three summers ago. (That show was one of my first reviews in the paper. Ah, memories.) It was near-impossible to enjoy their set because of all the chatter in the 9:30 club. But I'm not going to go on a rant about people talking over the band. Not all audience chatterers are created equally. In this case, nobody was there to see Espers. They paid their $25 to see Fleet Foxes. They just waited in a very long line to get into a show where the headlining band didn't go on until after midnight. Espers play some pretty, pastoral tunes, but if you're not familiar with it, it's easy to treat it as background music. And there's not really anywhere else to go in the 9:30 club if you don't want to watch the band. This wasn't like the fools who wouldn't shut up during Destroyer's sublime set Tuesday at the Black Cat when they could have just moseyed on down to the Red Room instead of talking through the headline act. That, I don't understand. This I at least get, on some level. Fleet Foxes were pretty good; not as good as the first time I saw them but those boys sure can sing. Friend of Post Rock Aaron Leitko should have a review on SPIN's Web site later today, so check that out.

In Today's Post: Sir Paul Farhi profiles Sir Paul McCartney in advance of his show Saturday at Fed Ex Field. It's a good read; it's Farhi writing about McCartney, of course it is. Should we do Top Five McCartney Beatles Tunes tomorrow? Yes, let's. Put your thinking caps on and let's do that tomorrow morning. Some of my choices might surprise you, but maybe not for the reasons you'd think.

Video of the Day: YACHT - "Psychic City"

This song comes from "See Mystery Lights," the new album from the electro-junk-weirdo duo. I reviewed it earlier this week. It's not a perfect album, but therein lies much of its charm. This, however, is a perfect song. On my daily drive from Durham to Carrboro during XX Merge last week, I'd listen to this one on repeat with the windows down the entire drive. Singer Claire Evans is channeling late Waitresses's singer Patty Donahue something fierce. This song is just goofy and catchy and lurchy and sweet. I recommend listening every hour on the hour.

By David Malitz |  July 30, 2009; 10:00 AM ET Morning Mix
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best 5 paul songs (in no order):

helter skelter
oh! darling
fixing a hole
hey jude
rocky raccoon (i guess..)

honorable mention - hello/goodbye

worst paul song:

the fool on the hill. yes, the fool on the hill is worse than "oh blah billy-dee oh blah billy-bob"

Posted by: jm13 | July 30, 2009 11:18 AM

HEY! I said we're waiting until tomorrow. Hold your horses. That goes for everyone. Today is for thinking; tomorrow is for listing.

Posted by: PostRockDavid | July 30, 2009 11:25 AM

I'm baffled why such a politically driven band like the Manics (they played a show in Cuba for Castro!) wouldn't schedule a DC date.

And Ishtar? I'm a step behind on the slang the kids are using?

Posted by: M__N | July 30, 2009 11:48 AM

Seriously, enough with this stupid "playing an album in its entirety" BS. If I wanted to hear an album straight through, I'D JUST GO PUT ON THE ALBUM. What do people enjoy about this?

Posted by: agl132 | July 30, 2009 12:33 PM

Playing a whole album in concert? Depends on the album. Exile in Guyville was fun, though a bit too long - should have cut four or five songs. Daydream Nation would have been awesome - sorry I missed it. Love by The Cult? Could be excellent, could be horrible. I'm undecided. Doolittle? Sure, but not at D.A.R.

Loveless? Now that would be awesome. Why the hell is MBV playing in Richmond tonight, and not the 9:30 Club?!?!?

Posted by: Miles_Standish_Proud | July 30, 2009 2:10 PM

The Clipse and Cool Kids tour might be skipping DC but the Clipse were just in town recently at DC Star in NE DC.

Posted by: outsider8 | August 4, 2009 1:19 AM

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