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Headlines: There will soon be a barrage of "Best of the '00s" lists and unless people are being idiots, the Strokes' debut, "Is This It?" will be on pretty much every one of those lists. And with good reason, of course. It's the perfect combination of hooks and swagger and cough syrupy vocals from one Julian Casablancas. "Room on Fire" was an underappreciated follow-up but "First Impressions of Earth" was as bad as advertised. And who knows if there will ever be another one, since solo project mania has taken over the group, with Casablancas the latest to enter the fray. "Phrazes of the Young" will be out in the fall; it's only eight tracks. Let's hope that's a succinct eight tracks, in Strokes fashion, and not a Mars Volta sort of eight tracks. The teaser video on his Web site sounds like a recent Air B-side; who knows if that's even from the album, though. In other "Hey remember that New York band from the early '00s?" news, bassist Mattie Safer has left the Rapture. For a hot minute there they were the post-punk revival band. And there were a lot of them. Since we're feeling all listy, I'll say that "Out of the Races and Onto the Tracks" remains one of my favorite songs of the last however many years. Surely you remember it as the No. 2 song on my year-end countdown for my college radio show in 2001, right? (Right behind the Strokes, of course.)

Didn't get your Bruce Springsteen fix during his spring tour? You're in luck, because there's another one this fall. Road warriors, that bunch. As reported yesterday, it's Nov. 2 for the local date, again at Verizon Center. It will be interesting to see how many songs get repeated. Maybe some sort of statistical set list breakdown will be in order. That'll be right when NBA season is starting, so I'll be in the mood. In other return news, local magazine Jazz Times has found a reprieve. The Silver Spring-based magazine looked like it was a goner after there was no June issue, but Madavor Media LLC was there to save the day. As always!

Collective Soul and Gavin DeGraw -- brawlers. Who knew? The second-glass grungers and the sensitive singer-songwriter got into it with some rowdy showgoers. It was the usual combination of elements that led to the tiff: alcohol, women and being in Myrtle Beach. Which is a town that Collective Soul and Gavin DeGraw are now banned from for a year. Clear your calendars for Sept. 13, because that's the date of this year's MTV Video Music Awards Russell Brand will be back to host; Taylor Swift and Muse are among the first confirmed performers. In "nothing good can come of this news," Kate Moss and Simon Cowell are going into business and it may include Moss starting a label, signing bands and even embarking on her own solo career. Hopefully she'll refrain from throwing masters into swimming pools. Actually... And in "doesn't this happen every week?" news, both Trent Reznor and Billy Corgan offer rambling takes on the states of their current bands.

Late Night Tweets -- A new feature or something I just did when I was bored because there was no sports on? I used to do that whole Live Last Night, On TV thing, but it was really tough to pull together each week. So why not turn it into a nightly Twitter thing? Follow Post Rock, if you choose. Here's a teaser of last night's tweets. I fell asleep before Daniel Merriweather and Wale were on "Fallon" but just watched it and it seems sort of like Wale collaborating with a slightly hipper, Australian Michael Buble. I also like how Wale was wearing a forward Nats cap at the beginning of the show then clearly realized, "Wait, I'm on national TV wearing a Nats cap" before flipping it backward. Anyway...

Wilco/Letterman: I really like that Feist duet, as innocuous as it is. Their voices work together well.
Sugar Ray/Conan: I just want to fly ... into some power lines after listening to that song. Even dumber and more contrived than you'd think.

Video of the Day: T.I. f. Mary J. Blige - "Remember Me"

The good ol' release-a-video-while-in-prison move. The message is simple, and it's right there in the song title. And T.I. recruits the always reliable Mary J. Blige to sing the hook, for good measure.

By David Malitz |  July 15, 2009; 9:00 AM ET Morning Mix
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I cannot imagine a reason for Jazz Times to exist in 2009. That magazine has had editorial direction problems for the last 5 years. Non-professionals do it much better in a myriad of blogs.

Posted by: bbcrock | July 15, 2009 10:06 AM

"Room on Fire" was an underproduced follow-up but "First Impressions of Earth" was as bad as advertised.


Posted by: leafblower | July 15, 2009 4:18 PM

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