Rock's "Most Ruthless Svengali" Dies; 500K Expected for Jackson Funeral; Pixies Do "Doolittle"



Headlines: You know how when people die everyone says nice things about them? I mean, the last week or so has proven that pretty well, right? Not so much the case with Allen Klein. The former manager of both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones passed away from Alzheimer's at age 77 over the weekend and the headline of his obituary in the Daily Mail screams "broke up the Beatles" and "rock 'n' roll's most ruthless svengali." Ouch. Hey, at least Yoko's off the hook. He was the Scott Boras of rock managers -- he cared about nothing except cash and his clients. Perhaps some of the negativity can be attributed to the Mail, though. After all, their report on Britney Spears in Paris begins with: "Who ate all the croissants?" Classy. As for the Michael Jackson funeral, it will be Tuesday at Staples Center in Los Angeles. More than 1.6 million people entered the raffle for tickets; 8,750 were chosen to get tickets while half a million are expected to show up. All of the major news networks will offer a live broadcast of the service. And I know a funeral is a somber moment, but I couldn't resist passing along these funeral details from Weekly World News. My favorite passage? "Seated front row will be Jackson's ex-wife Lisa Marie Presley, the skeleton of the Elephant Man, Bubbles 4 (the most recent pet monkey to carry the name), and Macaulay Culkin."

Lots of good stuff in yesterday's Style & Arts section, in case you missed it. Chris Klimek talked to Jeff Tweedy who came off as a very affable fellow. There are plenty of outtakes from that chat; look for them in this very space this week, before Wilco's sold-out show at Wolf Trap on Wednesday. My review will be here Thursday; look for that as well. The forecast looks promising and it's hard to think of any venue anywhere that's a better fit for the band at this point in its career. Remember Duncan Sheik? Mid-'90s AAA one-hit wonder dude? Now he's the king of musical theater; Celia Wren has the story. Meanwhile, Peter Marks focuses on the comeback of the rock musical.

Remember when the Pixies reunited in 2004 and it was all ZOMG!!1! before that was even a real Internet thing? Now the fearsome foursome will regroup once again to perform its classic album "Doolittle" -- complete with B-sides -- in its entirety. Only in Europe, which is kind of fitting, since they were really the only ones who cared 20 years ago when the album was released. Don't be surprised if that tour eventually finds its way stateside. Even if Carrie Brownstein's kind of "meh" on it. For now you'll have to settle for Frank Black's new band, Grand Duchy (July 16) and Kim Deal's always-amazing the Breeders (Aug. 21) who will both play at the Black Cat this summer. Watch out Chickenfoot -- there's a new supergroup on the horizon. This one features Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones and the trio is currently recording in Los Angeles. Honestly, I bet Chickenfoot's better. NPR celebrated Independence Day by profiling Merge Records which is celebrating its 20th year of releasing independent music. From Erectus Monotone to Arcade Fire -- that's quite a journey. The label is throwing itself a five-day shindig down in North Carolina in a few weeks to celebrate. Yes, of course, I'll be there. Stay tuned for my Top 20 Merge Records. It's quite a task.

Video of the Day, I: Franz Ferdinand - "Can't Stop Feeling"

It's your typical band-members-doing-goofy-things vid. I'm inclined to agree with commenter Shoopdelaang who says: "It's kind of funny, but lame. I think this was a bad choice for´╗┐ a single, it should have been "Turn It On" or "Bite Hard." Honestly, I think that might be the least offensive, most incisive YouTube video comment ever. Well done, Shoopdelaang, if that is your real name.

Video of the Day, II: Bloc Party - "One More Chance"

We'll keep it overseas this morning. I've never liked this band too much. Do Bloc Party fans like this song? It just sounds like bad club music to my ears. I think this time ShaunKAndersonTV may have nailed it: "WTF is this? bring´╗┐ back the bloc party of old."

By David Malitz |  July 6, 2009; 7:24 AM ET Morning Mix
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Props to Klimek for asking the questions everyone is wondering.

FYI, Chickenfoot is playing Bmore August 18th, tix already on sale.

Posted by: Hemisphire | July 6, 2009 9:55 AM

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