Finally ... Chris Richards Has Come Back to The Washington Post; Dylan Does Christmas; Steven Tyler Goes Down, Again



Headlines: Very exciting news in the world of The Washington Post. Chris Richards is coming back to fill the position vacated by J. Freedom du Lac, who was last seen wandering around Bethesda (wearing shorts) and working out complicated fantasy baseball trades. You remember Chris, right? Singles File founder, Eno enthusiast, Dylan disser, go-go go getter. He's going to start at the end of the month and it will be exciting times when that happens. Things will likely feel and look a lot different around here when that time comes. Get psyched.

Speaking of Chris's fave, Bob Dylan has a Christmas album on the way. Yeah, you read that right. It doesn't really seem like the long-awaited sequel to "Shot of Love," but just another weird, out-of-left-field (in some minor league ballpark) move by the Greatest There Ever Was. You know that you're curious to hear Dylan's take on "Here Comes Santa Claus," don't try to deny it. But your denials about not wanting to hear the new Limp Bizkit are heard loud and clear. Just not by the members of Limp Bizkit, who are getting to work on it regardless. Of the creative process, guitarist Wes Borland said: "Sometimes it's spontaneous, sometimes it's like trying to take down a Tyrannosaurus Rex." Word, dude. One way to make a probably-lame supergroup seem better is to mention them after Limp Bizkit. Crooked Vultures -- featuring Dave Grohl, Josh Homme and John Paul Jones -- will make its debut this weekend at a post-Lollapalooza afterparty in Chicago. At least it will be neat to see Grohl back behind the drums.

It's been a tough tour for Steven Tyler and Aerosmith. First some shows were postponed due to a leg injury. Then last night in South Dakota the singer for the classic rockers took a bad step and took a spill off the stage, which resulted in him being airlifted to a local hospital. Clearly, there was no encore. Forever on-the-verge breakout star Wale, the DMV's Great Rap Hope is finally set to release his debut album, "Attention Deficit," on Sept. 22. Until then you can get your Wale fix on Twitter, where he's a constant presence. One of his more interesting tweets lately was this one from yesterday: "if pretty girls is gonna be the song that gets our sound on the wont happen in sad..i wish yall could know whats goin on." Sounds weird. Pushback from radio programmers? One of my favorite music sites is the Free Music Archive, which is home to all sorts of fun, freaky, out-there music, all free and legal. There was a great piece yesterday on legendary bluesman Blind Lemon Jefferson It features a recording of "Bad Luck Blues," which was recorded in 1926 and was lo-fi waaaaaay before it became hip. It also includes a link a Blues Name Calculator, which is good for a laugh. I'm Old Money Lee, for the record.

Live Last Night Mini: Los Campesinos!
This Welsh septet is one of those bands that clearly has a great record collection. The bittersweet, boy-girl vocal fingerprints of the Delgados and Comet Gain are all over the band's songs, but LC! never sounded like a tribute act at 9:30 club last night. This is one band that earns the exclamation point in its name. The band raced and crashed through its 16 song set, but never in a ramshackle or haphazard way. That's just the kind of exuberance they have up there. With healthy doses of violin, xylophone and keyboard you could accuse them of being a bit twee, to which they say: Bring it on. Hence the song "International Tweexcore Underground." The band is sort of an anomaly in today's indie landscape -- too fun and carefree for the smartypants Brooklyn set but not nearly scuzzy or fuzzy enough for the lo-fi scene. And good for them. By the time they covered Pavement's "Box Elder" I was completely won over.

Video of the Day, 1: Stardeath and White Dwarfs - "New Heat"

Wayne Coyne directs (and talks about directing) this video for his nephew's band. Not too surprisingly, it looks and sounds like the Lips. Not that that's a bad thing. Stardeath will open for the Lips at Merriweather Post Pavilion on Aug. 28.

Video of the Day, 2: Barcelona - "Please Don't Go"

This one was a special request from a devoted reader. Yes, I take requests. There sure are a lot of lovely fish inside that aquarium. Here's the sad thing, though -- by the end of the week every single one of them will have been eaten by a shark.

By David Malitz |  August 6, 2009; 10:34 AM ET Morning Mix
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I saw Stardeath at CMJ a couple of years ago and was suitably impressed. A perfect opener for Flaming Lips. But I wish Explosions would do another headlining tour rather than a shorter opening set for the FLips.

Posted by: M__N | August 6, 2009 11:41 AM

I think with Chris's return, there should be a new chat...

Posted by: Hemisphire | August 6, 2009 12:15 PM

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