Getting Sinful With HEALTH


L.A. noise rockers HEALTH -- not Health (more on that later) -- come to town this weekend as part the Sonic Circuits Festival, D.C.'s annual celebration of all things noisy and avant-garde. HEALTH is actually the most "pop" band in the lineup, which says a lot about the weirdness of the rest of the acts but also of the melodies that make it through the rumbling percussion, sharp guitars and bleating synths on the band's latest, "Get Color."

Since the band's show in D.C. falls on the night of Yom Kippur -- the most holy day in the Jewish calendar, during which there is much repenting for sins -- I asked bassist John Famiglietti ("You get out of school for that one," he said) about some sins in the land of HEALTH. See those answers after the jump.

So how was opening for Nine Inch Nails? It must have been fun, but you're also playing for some people for whom I'd imagine the only thing in the entire world that matters is seeing Trent Reznor. And they are so close. And then there you are.
Yeah we are the last obstacle in front of their objective. (Laughs.) It sometimes can be interesting, especially at shows where they're not enjoying it. It's an interesting experience. But sometimes we are that last obstacle and, as a band, we are giving them absolutely nothing that they want. But [Reznor] is amazing. He's totally for real and just does what he wants.

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Can you tell copy editors around the country why it is HEALTH and not Health?
If it's not in all capital letters it's not the band name. I mean, that is what the band name is. It's a very common word. It's not just the word. This band is that. We named it in capitals ... just tell them it has to be in all capitals. (Laughs.)

Live Show Sin
Having some frustrating technical issues and then losing your temper on stage. Breaking performance mode. Or there's just not playing perfectly at a show. That's a sin. You want to do your best for God and if you don't, well...

On the Road Sin
Pictureplane (aka Travis Egedy), our tourmate, has been sinning this whole time, so we'll give it to him. He's been stealing his [expletive] off.

Interview Sin
Oh, saying something that my girlfriend would get mad at me for. I can't tell you exactly what because then I'd just get in trouble again.

Album Sin
Are you kidding? There are so many things with this record, especially, that were killing us. We want to release a legacy edition next year. It'll be a free download, just fixing what we did wrong. I don't think we should have worked with the person we worked with, but that's neither here nor there. The mixing on a few songs was not really what we wanted or intended. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a great record.

Audience Sin
Oh man. We just played a Nine Inch Nails show and during our set, in the third song, a girl in the third row literally... [Famiglietti recounts an episode involving extreme gastrointestinal distress]. And she passed out. She got picked up by everyone and carried over the barrier and taken out. She was wearing short shorts and ... Poor girl... And there were all these people with their hands up and she just got carried off. It was a Nine Inch Nails show, so she had been waiting in line for possibly eight hours, in the hot sun in L.A., drinking. But the awesome thing was security took her back there, they cleaned her off... let her get herself together and then put her back in the first row to see Nine Inch Nails. It was really awesome.

By David Malitz |  September 25, 2009; 3:16 PM ET Interviews
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