Os Mutantes: Live Last Night

os mutantes

Live Last Night

By Sarah Godfrey

The only thing music nerds like more than an emerging experimental group is the resurrection of an old experimental group. So, the appearance of Tropicália pioneers Os Mutantes the State Theatre on Wednesday night (along with De Leon, who perform 15th Century Spanish indie rock), proved to be total nerd nip.

(After the jump, minimal original members, minimal dancing, but plenty to dissect.)

The Brazilian pop/psych rock act appropriately took time to thank music dorks the world over for inspiring them to record this year's "Haih Or Amortecedor" -- the first Mutantes album in 35 years -- and embark on the current tour.

"We had no record company, no management, no band, and suddenly we're here thanks to the interest of you guys," said Sérgio Dias, the only remaining member of the original Os Mutantes trio founded in the '60s.

The only problem with a fan base of nerds is that they're content to stand still and sway, and much of Os Mutantes' music needs to be danced to. For any other crowd, it would've been near impossible to refrain from dancing during "A Minha Menina," "Top Top" or the superhero witchcraft of "Bat Macumba."

The band also performed material from "Haih Or Amortecedor," including "Querida, Querida," "Teclar," and "Neurociência Do Amor." The new stuff was plenty strange, but didn't quite capture the feel of the group's older work, which is equal parts sunshine-filled day at the beach and 'shroom-filled stroll through a magic forest. But the flaws were actually essential to the night's success as a music nerd event -- what's the point of going to a show if there isn't at least something to dissect and complain about during the ride home?

By David Malitz |  October 8, 2009; 2:11 PM ET Live Last Night
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