Wisin y Yandel: Live Last Night

wisin y yandel

Live Last Night

By Sarah Godfrey

Remember Reggaeton? A few years back, it was an industry sensation -- nowadays, not so much. But just because reggaeton has gone the way of baile funk, Miami bass, and a slew of other genres that have enjoyed temporary periods of crossover appeal, doesn't mean it's not thriving. In fact, shaking the dubious distinction of being pop culture curiosities seems to be working for reggaeton stars Wisin y Yandel.

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Currently touring in support of this year's "La Revolucion," the duo packed the Patriot Center on Thursday night and neither the performers nor the fans seemed to care that the music is no longer the subject of MTV documentaries or featured regularly in Time magazine. WyY don't really need "mainstream" love - they've already cemented themselves as international superstars. And they announced that status with an elaborate stage set, fancy lighting, and by donning various gem-encrusted T-shirts throughout the evening.

Of course, the performance itself was mostly the pair asserting their own stardom. Yandel is a tiny, animated performer in the style of Lil Wayne - capable of delivering the nastiest lyrics in a non-threatening way; Wisin is his more rugged foil. Together, they're able to seamlessly bounce between the deeply sentimental ("Gracias a Tí," from "La Revolucion") and the deeply smutty ("Noche de Sexo," from 2005's "Pal Mundo"). But they excel when they're being neither overly lewd nor pensive, and just focus on making people dance, as with "Ahora Es" from 2007's "Los Extraterrestres," or "Mujeres In the Club," a 50 Cent collaboration from "La Revolucion" that WyY performed sans 50, which no one seemed to mind one bit.

By David Malitz |  October 2, 2009; 4:56 PM ET Live Last Night
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