Six questions for... Pleasure P

pleasure pAs R. Kelly's opening act, Pleasure P rewards prompt concertgoers. (Photo by Patrick Hoelck)

Renowned for its don't-miss-a-single-crazy-second urgency, R. Kelly's live show has never catered to the fashionably late. But on his current tour, Kells has given fans even less reason to dawdle by inviting ascendant R&B singer Pleasure P to open the tour. (Tonight, P is set to take the stage at DAR Constitution Hall at 8 p.m. sharp.)

Having recently defected from Pretty Ricky -- arguably the freakiest boy band to walk God's green Earth -- P's new album, "The Introduction of Marcus Cooper" finds the singer taking a more measured approach. We spoke with P from the road last week, as the tour crept toward Washington.

You've said one goal of this album is to give fans a real glimpse into your life. On that note, what's the most unglamorous part of being on a massive tour like this?
The fact that you live out of a suitcase. Everywhere you go, it's like being a camper. It feels like a camping trip.

(P discusses R. Kelly's basketball skills, after the jump)

A lot of the stops on this tour are two-night stands. Do you have any plans for your day off in Washington?
I don't really know yet. I've been to D.C. several times. It's always a new restaurant. Last time we went to this place by the water. People were out there, drinking by the boats.

Your new single "Under" is huge on local radio. How did that song come together?
The R&B singer Tank -- me, him and Lonny Bereal came up with the record. I just wanted to say something for the ladies... something that would touch them. So we came up with a clever way to say it. There's no better to way to talk about going under than "going under."

Touche. With Pretty Ricky, things always seemed pretty over-the-top, lyrically. Are you trying to leave more to the imagination with your solo work?
That was always me. If you listened to my parts [in Pretty Ricky], my parts weren't the nasty parts. I'm just continuing to be myself and talk about things that are real. I'm always going to keep it 100 percent real.

R. Kelly has talked a lot about keeping it real on this tour. Have you had the chance to hang out with him much?
Man, I never thought Kells would be as cool as he is. He told me, any questions about the business, to let him know. We have after parties a lot on this tour. And he's the kind of guy, he likes to play to basketball. We ain't played yet. I watched him play, but I haven't had a chance to play with him yet.

How's his game looking these days?
He's real good. He'll Kobe. He'll be a ball hog, but he's real good.

By Chris Richards |  November 25, 2009; 4:11 PM ET Interviews
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