Six Things I Miss About Home With ... Le Loup

le loup

D.C. quintet Le Loup is coming home. The band has spent the last month on the road in support its second album, "Family," a collection of carefully adorned folk songs in which banjo, group vocals and rumbling drums all gently mingle with each other. Moira McLaughlin has a profile of the band in today's Weekend section, so we thought we'd ask frontman Sam Simkoff about the six things he's most looking forward to about settling back in at home. Le Loup performs Saturday night at the Black Cat.

1. My Wife
I'm a real homebody. I miss my wife.

2. A Vegetarian Meal
I'm not a vegetarian, but all we eat on the road is, well, road food. And 90 percent of road food is meat. We were driving through Arizona, and we passed this huge cattle ranch -- this giant cow landscape in the middle of the desert. Not a single blade of grass for a thousand miles. And just cows packed shoulder to shoulder in front of these feeding troughs. It looked miserable and unnatural. And then we had burgers for dinner. Gross.

(TV and the radio, after the jump.)

3. "Top Chef"
Only TV show I care to follow these days. I hope the guy with the beard wins.

4. NPR
All we listen to in the van is music. If you listen to music nonstop for eight hours a day, you get really desensitized to it. It loses all of its emotional weight. Sometimes I just want Carl Kasell talking at me, telling me what's what with that creamy voice of his.

5. A Familiar Bed
I'm really tired of sleeping on air mattresses, or the floor or hotel bedding. Last tour there was this hotel in Canada where we got devoured by bed bugs. Have you ever seen a bedbug? Have you ever seen a full bedbug? It's really gross. I want my own bed.

6. Stability
Traveling around is fun, but I'm ready to just stick around for a while and veg out.

By David Malitz |  November 6, 2009; 10:01 AM ET Interviews , Local News
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I'm the editor of the I advise anyone traveling to check the mattress for little brown and red stains before entering a new bedroom. This is the only way to check for bedbugs. Sorry to hear about your problem.

Posted by: jeffgrill | November 6, 2009 2:32 PM

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