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Making Friends With the Jonas Brothers

Please Read the Letter: Vol. 1, No. 2. The latest entry in the newish Post Rock series in which I publish unedited email from readers who rant and rail about my work ... or, in this case, who beg for work. This one comes from [name redacted], who really, really,...

By J. Freedom du Lac | April 1, 2009; 02:00 PM ET | Comments (0)

Where In The World Is David Malitz?

David is heading to Austin next week for his maiden South By Southwest voyage, and he's already overwhelmed by the impending madness that is the music industry's spring break. We're here to help. Hahahahahaha. Generously (stupidly?), David has agreed to submit himself - and his SXSW schedule - to a...

By J. Freedom du Lac | March 6, 2008; 10:30 AM ET | Comments (15)


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