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Predicting Animal Collective's Future

You are getting sleepy. Also, you are becoming obsessed with our band. (Takahiro Imamura) There was this really silly comment left on Patrick Foster's Camper Van Beethoven review a couple weeks ago (yes, this post has been sitting in an unfinished state for a while) that said (sic): "come on...

By David Malitz | January 30, 2009; 03:41 PM ET | Comments (3)

They Said What, Where?

Scott Pelley accompanied Wyclef Jean to Haiti for a "60 Minutes" profile about the former Fugees mastermind and his ongoing efforts to help his homeland. It aired Sunday, after some football game I didn't watch. (Too busy practicing the football hold on my new baby, Miles Maxwell.) Anyway, it was...

By J. Freedom du Lac | January 13, 2009; 10:54 AM ET | Comments (2)

Chasing Amy

Maybe Amy Winehouse is the next Nikka Costa. Ever think of that? One of my favorite entries in "The New Book of Rock Lists" was "100 New Dylans" by Greil Marcus. I was thinking about that last night, not because of the Malitz review of the latest entry in...

By J. Freedom du Lac | October 14, 2008; 10:34 AM ET | Comments (2)


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