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The Complete SXSW Haiku Reviews

For anti-Twitters Quick rundown of all I saw Chronological Wednesday Champagne Champagne Seattle hip-hop Rapper in Morrissey shirt How soon is over? The Coathangers Party punk done right Screaming, spitting, cursing - girls! Music should be fun Cotton Jones Folky jamboree Nice background music, sorry Get innocuous Juliette and the...

By David Malitz | March 23, 2009; 04:54 AM ET | Comments (1)

Live Last Night: The Roots (Haiku Remix)

Funky urgency Hendrix, go-go, Curtis, Biz Rap's rangiest band....

By J. Freedom du Lac | May 15, 2008; 10:29 AM ET | Comments (0)

SXSW: Friday Haiku-Reviews

Howlin Rain Classic rock update Riffs like Deep Purple and Free Just need a blacklight Monotonix Beer poured down the pants Garbage dumped on drummer's head Nothing quite like it The Night Marchers It sounds like Hot Snakes Makes sense - John Reis fronts the band Agit-punk done right Jay...

By David Malitz | March 15, 2008; 09:22 AM ET | Comments (2)

SXSW: Thursday Haiku-Reviews

Georgie James Stripped-down duo show Better sound than on Conan Doing D.C. proud Le Loup Banjo! And French horn! Tambourines, lots of guitars Arty but catchy Mika Miko All-girl punk mayhem Telephone as microphone Makes you jump around Jay Reatard Flying Vs, big hair As punk rock as punk rock...

By David Malitz | March 14, 2008; 05:07 PM ET | Comments (1)

Because I Got Haiku: Amy Winehouse

In which your bloggers cover happenings from the music world in 5-7-5 syllabic structure. (Helayne Seidman For The Washington Post) More Winehouse drama Crazyshambles, here to help! Life as debacle...

By J. Freedom du Lac | November 16, 2007; 03:35 PM ET | Comments (1)


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