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Prince's 'MPLSoUND,' Etc. (One-Word Review)

Auto-Tune?????!??!??!??????? ***** The trend-setting pop genius is now chasing trends. Go figure. Full review of his "LOtUSFLOW3R" and "MPLSoUND" albums coming after -- or, rather, if -- I figure out how to navigate his sorta-insane, subscription-only, Flashed-up site, which went live last night. Giving the little purple polyglot your $77...

By J. Freedom du Lac | March 25, 2009; 05:32 PM ET | Comments (0)

Prince: King Of Alt-Rock Covers?

A one-man 'Seven Nation Army.' As you most certainly have heard/ read/ seen/ dreamed about/ sworn at yourself for missing/ watched on YouTube before the cease-and-desist letters landed, etc., Prince killed it at Coachella last weekend with a set that included a cover of Radiohead's "Creep." This just a...

By J. Freedom du Lac | May 2, 2008; 07:48 AM ET | Comments (10)


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