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Spoon, Wale, Dinosaur Jr.: Really Quick Spins

A quick catch up on some notable releases from the past couple weeks. Tomorrow's a holiday so we'll (yeah, still in denial) see you back here on Monday, when we'll (actually with other people) be ranking some Sonic Youth records. Spoon - "Got Nuffin" An out-of-nowhere Spoon EP? Yes, please....

By David Malitz | July 2, 2009; 02:45 PM ET | Comments (1)

Au Revoir Simone, Jarvis Cocker, John Vanderslice, more: Really Quick Spins

Au Revoir Simone - "Still Night, Still Light" After-party electro-pop. You keep waiting for things to get light and bouncy, but these Brooklyn girls keep it pretty dreary throughout their third album. Seriously, why so sad? You're young and attractive and live in Brooklyn. Wait, maybe that's it. Maybe...

By David Malitz | May 22, 2009; 01:14 PM ET | Comments (1)

St. Vincent, Pink Mountaintops, NOMO, more: Really Quick Spins

St. Vincent - "Actor" "I can't see the future but I know it's got big plans for me," Annie Clark (aka St. Vincent) sings on "Laughing With a Mouth of Blood." It seems like one of those lines thrown in there just for reviewers to latch onto and hey,...

By David Malitz | May 7, 2009; 03:27 PM ET | Comments (0)

Camera Obscura, Art Brut, Super Furry Animals and more: Really Quick Spins

Camera Obscura - "My Maudlin Career" It's like someone signed Tracyanne Campbell's yearbook with "You're perfect, Never change!" -- and she really took it to heart. OK, Campbell would probably never be friends with someone who would be so reckless with exclamation point usage, let alone someone who would...

By David Malitz | April 22, 2009; 05:58 PM ET | Comments (1)

Bill Callahan, Death Cab For Cutie, Telepathe and more: Really Quick Spins

Bill Callahan - "Sometimes I Wish We Were an Eagle" Bill Callahan (nee Smog) is drier than a Saltine. I've been listening to and loving him ("Knock Knock" and "A River Ain't Too Much to Love" are all-timers) for almost half my life and I still can't quite tell...

By David Malitz | April 14, 2009; 04:59 PM ET | Comments (0)

Micachu & the Shapes, the Coathangers, Superchunk and more: Really Quick Spins

Micachu & the Shapes - "Jewellry" There's a lot of static, blurting keyboards and other random noises that populate the songs on the debut by this 21-year-old Londoner. But if you strip away all the noise -- not that you'd want to, since it gives the album its personality...

By David Malitz | April 7, 2009; 01:09 PM ET | Comments (0)


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