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And Then There Were Two ... Agatha Christie Adaptations

Got a look at two big new games in the adventure world from Dreamcatcher. One is another adaptation of an Agatha Christie book, using the same developer who made And Then There Were None for them.

This time the subject is Murder on the Orient Express. It'll have all characters from book, plus a character that is not in the book who players use for solving the mystery.

They're trying to ge the actor who plays the main character on PBS -- they don't have him signed yet.

In ATTWN, the interface was 2-D -- traditional for adventure games -- but in Orient Express, everything is 3-D: character models, the train itself, the outside (there's an avalanche in the book that stops the train, and in the game you can go outside where it's snowing) This is a new thing for them.

The game will be out in November for the PC.

The other upcoming game of note is Safecracker, a remake of a favorite from 5 years ago. Players break into a millionaire's mansion at the owner's equest and try to open 40 or 50 safes -- each requires solving a different complicated puzzle.

This time around they've incorporated some of the new puzzle crazes, such as Sudoku.

By Bob Greiner  |  May 10, 2006; 4:10 PM ET  | Category:  E3: Dispatches
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