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PlayStation Answers -- and Questions

The Sony news conference is over, and everybody's hanging around in Sony's studio space, snacking on Sony's sushi and imbibing from Sony's open bar, asking the same questions:

"Is that too much money to ask for a game console?"

"Will this kill Nintendo?"

Sony released its price points for the PlayStation 3 tonight: $599 for a 60-gigabyte version, $499 with a 20-gig hard drive. They didn't mention any other difference between the two models.

They also revealed that the PS3 would have a motion-sensitive controller -- for example, in a flight simulator, you could actually tilt it rather than mess with a bunch buttons. (I was sitting next to a blogger who immediately remarked, "I wonder where they got that idea?")

Indeed, people are wondering whether that move -- a clear shot at the Wii -- is going to steal a lot of thunder from Nintendo, which is trying a less heavily technical approach in favor of finding a new way to interact with games.

Speaking of games, a final note: Nobody out here is talking about the titles that were previewed in the Sony presentation.

By Bob Greiner  |  May 8, 2006; 10:40 PM ET  | Category:  E3: Dispatches
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Looking at the overall HW Specs included, I think that the 599 price is a good target and mostly affordable. However, I think we need to see and play some of the games @ E3 to see what this baby can do..
Besides the HD, is there any difference between the 499 and the 599 PS3?

Posted by: Kingcarew | May 9, 2006 1:20 AM

The cheaper package has no Wireless Networking capabilities also, and a smaller hard drive. The Nintendo Wii has a more innovative controller, rumble in the controller (unlike PS3), and wifi standard. I think Sony is going downhill.

Posted by: Mudhoney | May 9, 2006 1:42 AM

For $499, most gamers would be better off buying a new video card for their gaming computer and waiting...

Posted by: Ijo | May 9, 2006 9:11 AM

A hundred bucks more for a blu ray player and new console with hard drive and wireless. Thats a deal and I'll take one! My friend has a 360 and his wireless was additional not to mention it broke down.

Posted by: michaelinfinity | May 9, 2006 3:35 PM

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