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Party Hardly

E3 without E3 parties is like the Oscars minus the Vanity Fair party, like the Superbowl minus the half-time show, like ... well, you get the point.

Year in and year out, E3 parties have been legendary: very, very VIP, though with lots of Ps and not enough Vs and Is. Think free booze and chow, think A-list entertainers, think lots of swag, think who-do-I-have-know-to-get-an-invite? (Always a flack. The omnipotent flack.) Last year, Nintendo had Maroon 5, Microsoft had the Killers and the Chemical Brothers and Sony had Liz Phair, Jimmy Eat World and Brandon Boyd of Incubus.

That's why last night's low-key, swag-free, pay-your-own-tab shindig at the Golden Gopher bar -- a few blocks away from the L.A. Convention Center, where E3 kicks off tomorrow -- is worth a mention. It was the second annual "Not an E3 Party," co-hosted by Kyle Orland, the self-appointed ombudsman of video game journalism.

"This is all about getting a community of journalists together. We see each other as competitors. We're guarded. We don't see each other as real people," said Orland.

Carol Orsini, who works for AOL, was ordering a beer, wondering aloud which parties she got invited to. "You got into the Nintendo party'?' she asked a friend. "How'd you do that'?"

That's the thing about being at the "Not an E3 Party" -- you still wish you were at an E3 party.

By Bob Greiner  |  May 9, 2006; 3:20 AM ET  | Category:  E3: After Hours
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