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Activision News Conference

At an Activision event on Monday, saw Marvel Ultimate Alliance running on PS3. Showed off some rad, dynamic gameplay and some pretty wicked cinematics. PS3 is already impressing me. Vibrant textures and great lighting effects.

Tony Hawk Downhill Jam, exclusive to Nintendo Wii. Looked cool. Good game for Tony Hawk fans. Showed the new Wii controller in action. The demo guy jerked the controller forward and his skater boosted forward.

World Series of Poker: Tournament of Champions - ZzzzZzZzz.. Shown on 360. Pretty decent visuals (you're basically looking at people and cards). But come on, why show poker at an E3 press conference? We want to see the big games!!

The Movies: Stunts and Effects Expansion Pack - looks fun (if you're into this sort of thing). :)

Tony Hawk Project 8 --- every aspect of the game has been rebuilt from the ground up for next-generation systems. New player models, animation, mo-cap data - everything. The game looked FANTASTIC! Xbox 360 and PS3 this fall. WOW!!!!

Enemy Territory: Quake Wars -- new title from idSoftware. Freaking rad!!! Team play is the core focus of tjhe game. Players will choose a specific role in the battle. This game is going to rock. Think Battlefield 2 in the Quake universe and you'll get the idea - Humans vs. The Strogg. For PC.

By Bob Greiner  |  May 10, 2006; 12:01 PM ET  | Category:  E3: Dispatches
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Freaking rad!!!

What are you, six years old?

Posted by: david | May 10, 2006 4:35 PM

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