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The Madding Crowd

Complete mayhem on the PS3 floor, which is packed with wall-to-wall people. My closed-door meeting with Ted Price was a complete contrast, a nice relaxed atmosphere.

Still, there's a huge contrast between the South Hall, where we have Sony and Nintendo, and the West Hall, with everyone else. It's much less crowded in the South Hall -- when you're actually out of the PS3 booth, which takes up half of the South Hall anyway. The West Hall has EA and THQ competing with high-tech displays and blasting music -- overall chaos and cacophony.

Speaking of crowds, I just walked by the Gameloft booth, where Paris Hilton was supposed to appear. Don't know if she's there, but there's a huge crowd there now.

By Bob Greiner  |  May 11, 2006; 4:58 PM ET  | Category:  E3: Dispatches
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Did you see anything in the EA booth about upcoming Sims 2 expansions??

Posted by: Danielle | May 11, 2006 5:10 PM

Good question! I've got Open For Business, but since I have to wait until Fall 06 for that new sims evolution game, I could use me a nice expansion!

For example, why can't they let older adults go back to college as non-matriculated students, to get their degree, or at least have Grad School with Master and Doctorate degrees.

But what I really want is ... High School! Think about it, when you're a teen (or even Grade School for kids), it would be cool to be able to have High School and choose your academic track - yeah, machine shop and drivers ed for me! I was a technogeek, so it would be fun to try another track ... and that much more chances for romance (of the no-woohoo version).

Posted by: Will in Seattle | May 11, 2006 5:29 PM

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