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Cyber Monday? Yeah, Right

Frank Ahrens

Okay, given that Cyber Monday is a bogus day, just like Black Friday (not really the year's biggest in-store shopping day), Nielsen/NetRatings, which tracks Web traffic, reports on what people were buying online last Monday.

Even if Cyber Monday is not the biggest online shopping day, merely a flimsy promotion meant to attract media attention and push people to shop online (classic Hallmark holiday), a bunch of people actually did buy stuff online Monday, and it's useful to see what the Internet masses are shopping for.

According to Nielsen, the most popular item for Monday online shopping was apparel and accessories. Nineteen percent of those shopping on Monday bought some item of apparel. Consumer electronics was way down the list, at No. 6.

How can you tell that Cyber Monday doesn't match the hype? The fact that most people, on Cyber Monday, were shopping for stuff they shop for every day, like office supplies. (Unless, that is, a bunch of lucky kids are headed for a Staples Christmas. "Toner! Yay!")

Here's the Nielsen list and the average order size:

1. Apparel and accessories.....19%.....$75.79
2. Office supplies.....13%.....$159.49
3. Computer hardware.....11%.....$283.31
4. Home & garden.....10%.....$56.57
5. Toys, games & hobbies.....8%.....$41.98
6. Consumer electronics.....7%.....$108.68
7. Shoes & athletic footwear.....5%.....$57.23
8. Books.....3%.....$23.21
9. Flowers, greetings & specialty gifts.....3%.....$129.55
10. DVD/video.....3%.....$27.29

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By Frank Ahrens  |  December 1, 2006; 12:11 PM ET  | Category:  Frank Ahrens
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I don't know that Cyber Monday is an idea completely without merit. I know I was trying to get on Circuit City's website during the midday hours and it would not load.

Posted by: PJ Geraghty | December 1, 2006 8:14 PM

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