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Check Out Our New Online Project: Teens

Sara Goo

I hate to get all promotional on you but I wanted to make sure you saw our very cool Teen Shopping project, an ambitious effort to get inside the heads of teens and understand what they buy and why. It was retail reporter Ylan Mui's baby, but it ended up being a very cool interactive project (you can tour our local Tysons Corner Center online), which we did with a lot of help from our Web guru Rob Curley and

I helped out on the big shopping day, a recent Saturday at Tysons, and was particularly interested to see that so many teens shop with their phones, iPods and other gadgets. Some would confer with friends via cell phone as they were trying on clothes in the dressing room and others were constantly texting one another whenever they had downtime, like waiting in line at the cash register. One teen, Charlotte Zoll, listed all of the latest gadgets she wanted to get for her birthday, including an iTunes gift certificates and a digital camera. She already had received a new Samsung phone, one that was ideal for texting. When asked whether she liked shopping for technology, her response was, "I'm not much of a technology person." You see, we adults think of all this stuff as technology, but to teens, this is just part of their lives and part of the way they communicate. Duh.

By Sara Goo  |  June 4, 2007; 9:57 AM ET  | Category:  Sara Goo
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